The Richest Person In Singapore Died

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Ng Teng Fong (1928 – 2010) was Singapore’s 11 Billion Dollars Man. The late Teng Fong owns the development companies Far East Organization in Singapore and Sino Group in Hong Kong. His company also controls Singapore-listed food and drinks maker Yeo Hiap Seng (Yeo’s). At the time of his death, Sino Group was one of Hong Kong’s largest real estate developers, and Far East Organization remained one of the largest landholders in Singapore. Far East Organization also owns The Fullerton Singapore and numerous other landmark hotels and other properties. Wake was held at his mansion, his home for the last 40 years, at Watten Estate Road and he was buried in Chua Chu Kang Christian Cemetery.

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Expensive Ferrari F430 Trashed

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A chilli red Ferrari costed S$720,000 crash along Nicoll Highway early morning. The very lucky 36-year-old driver, Mr. Chris Lim Chai Meng walks away almost unharmed. An SCDF spokesman said Lim had only minor cuts on his arms and forehead. The badly mangled Ferrari F430, (had a highly auspicious registration number SJV 82D) had mounted the kerb, hit a guardrail, flipped a couple of times and then a tree. According to insurance record, the SGD $720,000 car was scrapped and sold for $10,800.

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Permanent Green To Symbolise Religious Harmony

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To symbolise the harmony of different religions with nature, with one another and with the larger Singaporean community, Senior Minister Mr Goh Chok Tong the Guest of Honour at a tree-planting ceremony together with Singapore’s religious leaders at Stamford Green. Senior religious leaders from various religions in Singapore including the Baha’i Faith, Buddhism, Christianity, De Jiao, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Sikhism, Taoism and Zoroastrianism were present. Stamford Green is the gateway to Fort Canning Park and is situated right next to the National Museum of Singapore. The trees that will be planted will form a permanent landscape at Stamford Green as an enduring symbol of our history and peaceful co-existence, and a tribute to our legacy of religious harmony.

Dr. Chee was fined for speaking at Speakers’ Corner

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Dr. Chee Soon Juan was fined S$3,000 for speaking at the Singapore’s “Speakers’ Corner” on 15 February 2002, which requires prior registration and where discussion about race and religion is prohibited. Dr. Chee was commenting about the suspension of three Muslim schoolgirls whose parents wanted them to wear headscarves in school. Dr. Chee commented that it is against the parents’ personal choice to force their children not to wear headscarves. As a result of this conviction, Dr. Chee was ineligible for the 2006 general election.

City Harvest Church Opened In Jurong

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The building occupies almost 38,000 sq ft (3,500 m2) on a 30-year leasehold land and its main hall seats up to 2,300 attendees and has two 250-seat halls. The church building is located at Jurong West Street 91. Its construction was part of a trend of larger churches in Singapore to go for “clean lines, stainless steel, titanium facades” for their architecture in place of “stained glass and steeples” in an effort modernise their religious services. Read more »

Singapore Turf Club Moved To Kranji

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Singapore Turf Club moved from its old location at Bukit Timah to a new racecourse in Kranji. Twilight and night racing begins. Read more »

Racial Harmony Day Launched

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Racial Harmony Day was first launched on 21 July 1997. It is part of the National Education Programme, headed by the Ministry of Education and is celebrated on the anniversary of the communal riots that occurred on 21 July 1964.

Maintenance of Religious Harmony Bill Read

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The Maintenance of Religious Harmony Bill was read today in Parliament. The bill aims to prevent acts that threaten religious harmony in Singapore.

10-Year Old Time Capsule Opened

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Dr Toh Chin Chye was at Singapore Science Centre to retrieve a 1973 Science Time Capsule that was buried here 10 years ago. In the Capsule, two main items were retrieved – a Hewlett-Packard HP-35 Calculator and a Rollei 35 Camera. Dr Toh said the HP 35 calculator is out-of-date but the Hewlett-Packard is still in Singapore but sadly Rollei has gone-out-of business. He then commented “the art of marketing a technology was as important as the technology itself”.

Hewlett-Packard Office Opened

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Hewlett-Packard Company of Palo Alto (Califonia, USA) has established its Far East Regional Office in Singapore. The office is headed by Mr. Al Hannmann, a graduate of Cornell University. Hewlett-Packard is a major manufacturer of electronic products for medical and computing instrumentation. The office was named Hewlett-Packard Singapore Private Limited (UEN: 197000137C).

Three BAC 167 Strikemasters Mk 84 Flew In

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Three brand new BAC Strikemasters Mk 84 flew in to Tengah Air Base. The are the first batch of the 16 aircraft purchased second hand from the Royal Air Force (RAF) of Britian. These 16 aircraft will be used for Pilot training at SAF Flying Training School (FTS). These planes was eventually used to form RSAF 130 Squadron. Read more »

Man On The Moon Radio Broadcast

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Singapore radio listeners was able to hear Radio Malaysia’s English service relay of BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) live broadcast of mans first landing on the moon from 1:39pm to 1:58pm (Singapore Time). Apollo 11 Lunar Module “Eagle” landed on the Moon surface at 3:49 am (Singapore Time). At 1:48pm (Singapore Time), the mission commander stepped out of the craft to walk on the surface of the moon. As Neil Armstrong climb out of his Lunar Module, he said in his scripted line “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”  When on the moon surface he went on, “Yes, the surface is fine and powdery. I can kick it up loosely with my toe.”
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DBS Open For Business

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DBS was established in 1968 as the Development Bank of Singapore Limited. The DBS was set up to provide financial assistance to manufacturing and other industries in Singapore for the purpose of Singapore’s economic development and industrialisation.

The Civilian War Memorial

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The Civilian Memorial was officially unveiled by then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, who laid a wreath on behalf of the Government and the people of Singapore. Religious rites were conducted by officials of the Inter-Religious Organisation and a three-minute silence was observed in honour of the dead during the Japanese Occupation (from 15 Feb 1942 to 15 Aug 1945). Those present included the victims’ families, members of the diplomatic corps (including the Japanese Ambassador), religious chiefs and representatives from the four races. Costing an estimated $500,000 (Singapore Dollars), one of the characteristics of the Memorial is its height of 61 metres and its four columns. The columns represent the four races joined together at the base – signifying the unity of all races. Construction of the Memorial began in June 1966 and was completed in January 1967.

The Singapore-Malaysia Causeway Closed

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Due to Race Riots in Malaysia and Singapore, the causeway was closed from 22 to 26 July 1964.

Japanese Operation Sook Ching

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Many Chinese were ordered to assemble at various centres for screening by the occupying Japanese Imperial Army in Operation Sook Ching – A massacre that claimed about 50,000 lives. Operation Sook Ching was a systematic extermination of perceived hostile elements. Read more »

Amelia Earhart In Singapore

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Miss Amelia Earhart, 40-year-old American aviation pioneer, and her navigator Mr Fred Noonan left at 6:15am for Bandung (Java, Indonesia) from Kallang Airport in her plane named “Electra” to continue their 1937 Round The World Flight. Read more »

First Commerical Flight Landed in Singapore

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A Commercial flight landed for the first time in Seletar Aerodrome, Singapore’s first civil airport. RAF Seletar Station (Military) share the same airfield with the Seletar Aerodrome Read more »

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