SAF To Acquire 96 Refurbished Leopard Tank

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MINDEF announced the SAF’s decision to acquire 96 refurbished Leopard 2A4 Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) and supporting equipment from the German Armed Forces.

The Leopard 2 Tank is powered by a turbo-charged diesel engine producing a maximum of 1,500hp. The 55-tonne MBT can travel at a maximum of 72km/h on road and up to 60km/h in cross-country terrain. The Singapore’s Leopard 2 Tank is equipped with the 120mm, L44 smoothbore gun operated with the Stabilised Control System. The fire control system enables the MBTs to maintain accuracy even while on the move. Further enhancements include the use of more lethal and versatile kinetic energy and multipurpose ammunition. The Leopard 2 first enter German Armed Forces service in 1979.

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