Racial quotas reached in some neighbourhoods

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Parliamentary Secretary for National Development Dr Mohamad Maliki Osman announced at 14 per cent of 162 Housing Development Board (HDB) neighbourhoods reached ethnic quota. The Ethnic Integration Policy (EIP), which began in 1989, stipulates ethnic quotas in HDB estates to prevent the creation of ethnic enclaves. Dr Maliki was responding to public concern that for flat owners who said they had sold their property below market valuation because the buyer had to be from a particular ethnic group. The problem was especially acute for flat owners from minority ethnicities and feel that they are disadvantaged as a result of their ethnic minority status.

For example: Block 87 to 92 along Zion Road where the Chinese Race has reached the quota, Chinese Buyer and only buy from a Chinese Seller. Block 140 to 142 along Bedok Reservoir Road where the Malay Race has reached the quota, Malay Buyer and only buy from a Malay Seller. Block 11 to 15 along Farrer Park Road where the Indian Race has reached the quota, Indian Buyer and only buy from a Indian Seller.

Off-site Link: HDB e-Service for eligibility under the EIP Quota.

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