Ex-Ferrari Driver Slammed Into The Slammer

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First he totaled his brand new Ferrari by crashing it into a tree on a clear day. Then he got sideswipe by his colleague’s Lambo. Now it seems that he had slammed himself directly into the slammer. Today 26 more charges were thrown at him for concealing, converting and transferring more than $1.8 million dollars of the loot. In addition, another charge for cheating a car finance company $350,000 with another man was pelted at him. Mr. Christopher Lim Chai Meng did all these for love of his exotic cars which included Ferrari and Porsche.

For his passion, Lim is now is remanded at the Central Police Division (Central Slammer). If he is found guilty, he will have to remain in the slammer for up to seven years for each charge. From Vroom, to Boom, and then Doom!

Off-site Photo: Ferrari and Porsche in smoke. Photo Credit: Flickr.

Lim face a total of 309 charges. Out of these, 40 charges concerned the offence of conspiracy to cheat SLA and one charge involved a conspiracy to cheat a finance company, Sing Investments & Finance Limited (“Sing Investments”). The other 8 charges were for money laundering offences.

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