Second Singapore Submarine Launched

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The RSS Conqueror, a Sjoormen-class submarine (small coastal submarine), is the one of the four submarines acquired by the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN). The RSS Conqueror was the first of four former Swedish navy submarines acquired and refitted for service refurbished for use in a tropical climate.

The RSS Conqueror is a product of the Swedish company, Kockums AB. It has a single hull, dimensions of 51 by 6.1 by 5.8 m, and weighs 1,200 tons in submerged displacement. The twin-engine submarine runs on diesel-electric power and has the capability of navigating underwater at a speed of up to 16 knots (29.6 km/hr). Its armament consists of four 533 mm torpedo tubes and two 400 mm torpedo tubes and can carry a crew of 23 officers and men. Equipment carried on board include a command and weapon control system, radar, active and passive sonar, inertial navigation system and a reverse osmosis plant.

The three other submarines will be named RSS Chieftain, RSS Challenger and RSS Centurion. These submarines will be in the command of the 171 Squadron which was formed in September 1999. The main role of 171 Squadron’s submarines is to protect the sea lines of communications that are criss-crossed by some of the busiest shipping lanes in the world.

Update: RSS Conqueror was commissioned 22 July 2001. It was commissioned by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence, Tony Tan.

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