Vegetarian Food Stall Owner To Sue Sands

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A 58-year old Vegetarian Food Stall Owner, Madam Choo Hong Eng, felt short-changed by Sands Casino. According to her, she had struck jackpot win of S$416,000. Instead of paying her the full amount, the Casino told her there was a hitch in the system and her price money was only S$50,000 plus a sports car. So it will be case of Madam Choo (The Jackpot-er) vs. Mister Adelson (The Casino Owner).

Update: The casino agreed to pay her the full amount – with CCTV footage and eye-witnesses to back her claim. Also she gave her statement at the Casino Regulatory Authority (CRA). As Madam Choo was enjoying herself in Taiwan at the time when the casino made the decision, was informed by her lawyer. Madam Choo has plague to donate $200,000 to charity. Hum… which charity???

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BTW: The House Always Wins. Be it in the playground or the courtyard! ka-ching!

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