Indonesia to take control of the airspace above Riau

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Indonesia would take control of the airspace above Riau Islands (about 20 kilometers south of Singapore), currently controlled by Singapore since 1946, from 2025. Singapore is willing to hand over control of the airspace above Riau Islands, earlier provided that the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) gives the green light.

Currently, Singapore controls airspace of up to 110 nautical miles in radius, which encompasses Batam, Natuna until Dumai in Riau. The airspace is also included in Singapore’s Flight Information Region (FIR), which should have been included in Indonesia’s FIR.

As the airspace is included in Singapore’s FIR, Indonesia has no absolute authority over the airspace, which has deprived the country of income from route charges imposed on aircraft passing through the airspace. Patrols conducted by the Indonesian Military (TNI) Air Force and Navy in the territory must also be guided by Singapore.

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