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Darussalam Mosque is located at 3002 Commonwealth Avenue West Singapore 129579. Darussalam Mosque is near Commonwealth Avenue West; is near Clementi Avenue 3; is near Clementi Avenue 2; is near Clementi Avenue 5; is near Clementi Avenue 1; is near Clementi Avenue 4; is near Aye (e); is near Aye (w); Darussalam Mosque is geographically located at latitude(1.314 degrees) 1° 18' 50" North of the Equator and longitude (103.7671 degrees) 103° 46' 1" East of the Prime Meridian on the Map of Singapore or JB.

The locations related to Darussalam Mosque are represented by the an airplane flight paths route between two points and may not be nearest by road. For example, Darussalam Mosque is located 160 metres from Esso Clementi. Darussalam Mosque is located 196 metres from Clementi Polyclinic. Darussalam Mosque is located 211 metres from Clementi Theatre. Darussalam Mosque is located 215 metres from Pei Tong Primary School. Darussalam Mosque is located 238 metres from Commonwealth Theatre.

Featured Places Of Interest Located Nearby
Clementi Theatre is located 0.2 Kilometres away from Darussalam Mosque. Clementi Theatre - 1 Photo(s) Featured.
Clementi Swimming Complex is located 0.4 Kilometres away from Darussalam Mosque. Clementi Swimming Complex - 1 Photo(s) Featured.
NEA South West Regional Office is located 0.8 Kilometres away from Darussalam Mosque. NEA South West Regional Office - 1 Photo(s) Featured.

yo:HA @ Ulu Pandan 1.6km, NUS Visitor's Lodge 1.8km, Pasir Panjang Inn 2.4km, are places to stay (hotel, service apartment, inn) located near Darussalam Mosque.

Clementi Park Shopping Centre 1km, Clementi Arcade 1km, Hong Leong Garden Shopping Centre 1.2km, are places to shop (shopping mall, shop houses) located near Darussalam Mosque.

Singapore Moai Statue 2.9km, Haw Par Villa 3.7km, Visitor Centre 4km, are places of interest (attraction) located near Darussalam Mosque.

Pei Tong Primary School 0.2km, Clementi Town Primary School 0.5km, Clementi Town Secondary School 0.7km, are places of learning (school, college, university) located near Darussalam Mosque.

Aquatic Science Centre 0.8km, Clementi Crescent Playground 1.3km, Sunset Way Playground 1.4km, are parks, playgrounds, open fields or commons located near Darussalam Mosque.

Darussalam Mosque

Esso Clementi

Clementi Polyclinic

Clementi Theatre

Pei Tong Primary School

Commonwealth Theatre

Ew23 Clementi

Empress Cineplex Theatre

Clementi Bus Interchange

Clementi NPP

Clementi Police Divisional HQ

Clementi Swimming Complex

Clementi Town Primary School

Clementi Stadium

Clementi CC

Clementi Town Secondary School

Nan Hua Secondary School

St Andrews Cathedral Home for the Aged

NEA South West Regional Office

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Darussalam Mosque

Aquatic Science Centre is about 0.8 km away.

New Town Secondary School is about 0.8 km away.

Holy Cross Church is about 0.8 km away.

Sungei Pandan Foot Bridge is about 0.8 km away.

Nan Hua Primary School is about 0.9 km away.

Clementi View is about 0.9 km away.