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F&M Foods Building; Fa Shi Lin Temple; Facina Windows Building; Fairfield Methodist Church; Fairfield Methodist Primary School; Fairfield Methodist Primary School; Fairfield Methodist Secondary School; Fairhaven; FairLodge; Fairmont Singapore; Fairmount Condominium; FairPrice Buona Vista; FairPrice Training Institute; Fairway Country Club; Fairways; Faith Assembly of God Church; Faith Centre for Performing Arts; Faith Methodist Church; Faith Montessori; Fajar Secondary School; Fajar Shopping Centre; Falcon Villas; Family & Juvenile Court; Family Link @ Lengkok Bahru; FAN House; Fang Huo Yuan Temple; Fansida Building; Far East Finance; Far East Flora; Far East Mansion; Far East Plaza; Far East Refrigeration Building; Far East Shopping Centre; Far East Square; Far Eastern Bank; Far Horizon Gardens; Far Ocean Seafood Product; Farmart; Farrer Court; Farrer Park Hotel; Farrer Park Primary School; Farrer Park Swimming Complex; Federal Express Building; Fengshan Primary School; Fern Loft City River Valley; Fernery, Botanic Gardens; Fernhill Cottage; Fernhill Court; Fernhill Lodge; Fernhill Place; Fernvale; Fernvale Point; Fernvale Ridge; Fernvale Road To Nowhere; Ferrari Singapore Showroom; Ferrari Workshop; Festival Street Mall; Festive Hotel Sentosa; Festo Building; Fifth Avenue Condo; Figaro Gardens; Finger Pier; Finland Gardens; Finlayson Green; Fire Flies Health Farm; First East Centre; First Mansion; First Toa Payoh Secondary School; Fishermen's Village; FJ Benjamin; Flag Staff; Flame Tree Park; Flamingo Valley; Flanders Square; Flextronics Kallang Building; Flextronics Singapore Building; Floating Stadium; Florida Park; Florissa Park; Florissa Park Playground; Flowserve Building; Flyer Greek Theatre; Flynn Park; Foh Chong Building; Foh Pin Garden; Foh Pin Mansion; Fong Tat Building; Fong Yun Tai Columbarium; Fontana Heights; Foo Chow Building; Foo Wah Industrial Building; Foodbex Building; Fook Hai Building; Foon Yew High School; Foong Shoon Fui Kuan Building; Foot Bridge to Bishan Park; Footbridge near Kelantan Road; Footcare and Limb Design Centre; Ford Mansion; Fort Canning Cannon; Fort Canning Centre; Fort Canning Entrance River Valley Road; Fort Canning Gothic Gate; Fort Canning Gothic Gate; Fort Canning Lighthouse; Fort Canning Park; Fort Canning Park Access; Fort Canning Telecom Tower; Fort Canning Tunnel; Fort Siloso; Fortuna Court; Fortuna Gardens; Fortuna Hotel; Fortune Centre; Fortune Park; Fortune Spring; Fortville; Forum Galleria; Fountain Of Wealth; Four Seasons; Four Seasons Park; Four Star Building; Fragrance Court; Fragrance Hotel Ruby; Fragrance Hotel, Balestier; Francis Elizebeth School for Blind; Fraser & Neave Bottling Plant; Fraser Place; Fraser Suites; Freemasons Hall; Freesia Woods; Freight Links Express Districentre; Freight Links Express Distripark; French Business Centre; French Embassy; French School; Fresh Water Dam; Frinza Court; Friven Concept Store; Friven Store at Tanglin; Frog Farm; Frontech Petrocentre; FTMS House; Fu Lu Shou Complex; Fu Shan Garden; Fu Yu Factory; Fu Yuen Building; Fuchun CC; Fuchun Primary School; Fuchun Secondary School; Fuhua Primary School; Fuhua Secondary School; Fuji Xerox Building; Fujifilm Building; Fujitec Singapore Corp; Fujitsu Quantum Devices Building; Full Glass Factory; Fullerton Bay Hotel; Fullerton Hotel; Fullmark Building; Fun's Florist; Funan Digital Life Mall; Funan IT Mall; Furama; Furama Riverfront; Furama Tower; Furniture Warehouse; Fusionpolis; Futar Enterprice Building; Futsing Building; Futsu Industrial Building; Futura; Fuyu Factory Building;

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