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Qi Tian Gong Temple; Qi Tian Tan Temple; Qian Hu Fish Farm; Qifa Primary School; Qihua Primary School; Qinan Building; Qing De Tang Temple; QSquare by Marquis Furniture Gallery; Quality Hotel; Quartz Industrial Building; Queen Astrid Gardens; Queen Margaret University Asia Campus; Queen Of Peace Church; Queen Park Restaurant; Queen Street Car Park; Queens; Queensberry Lodge; Queenstown Baptist Church; Queenstown Food Centre; Queenstown Library; Queenstown Lutheran Church; Queenstown NPC; Queenstown Polyclinics; Queenstown Primary School; Queenstown Remand Prison; Queenstown Secondary School; Queenstown Stadium; Queenstown Swimming Complex; Queenstown Twin 40-storey Building; Queenstown Voc Trg Centre; Queensway Secondary School; Queensway Shopping Centre; Quek Industrial Building; Quelin Gardens;

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