No More Hybrid Grass For National Stadium

Saturday, 20th December 2014

Sports Hub has finally decided that the pitch at the National Stadium will be fully grass. A new grass pitch will be grown in an external nursery and when it is matured it will be transported to the stadium and laid over of the current hybrid pitch. They have tried unsuccessfully to fully nurture the hybrid grass despite spending lots of money on it even to the extend of employing expatriate consultant to oversee the task.

Photo Credit: Flickr.

The "Lay & Play" method will be use as they has been successfully adopted in many other stadiums around the world. And will be using Eclipse Reinforce Natural Turf System, a patented combination of natural grass growing in a unique stabilising mat, from Motz (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA) to ensure the turf can be rolled up and transported to the National Stadium in optimal conditions and can be playable just after laying. But have yet to make a decision on which commercial Grass Nursery they will be engaging.

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