Year 2004

Makan Marathon Held

Saturday, 7th February 2004

Food lover from all over Singapore took part in the Makan Marathon. Participants compete in the food-chasing race to complete the food trails and find the best hawker food around the Singapore.

Poultry Removed from Farms and Residences in Pulau Ubin

Wednesday, 4th February 2004

To reduce the risk of Bird Flu affecting Singapore, the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority announced that it would remove poulty from farms and residences in Pulau Ubin with the next two days.

Blood Donation Drive

Tuesday, 3rd February 2004

"Are You My Type?" is a Blood Donation Drive to encourage people to donate blood to the blood bank.  This is part of the year-long festival "Romancing Singapore".

Second Huayi Festival Held

Friday, 23rd January 2004

The Second Huayi Festival or the Chinese Festival of Arts took placed in Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay.  The festival brought together the entire spectrum of the most exciting and accomplished Chinese Artistes from around the world.

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