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40 Ferraris drove in from KL

Saturday, 21st September 2013

Members from the Ferrari Owners Club Malaysia drove their Ferraris from Kuala Lumpur (KL) to Singapore to watch and support the Ferrari Team in the 2013 Edition of the Singapore Grand Prix.

Let The F1 Circus Begin

Friday, 21st September 2012

In the words of Singapore ex-Prime Minister "driving around and then going into the pits; after that, changing the tyres and revving out again ... makes no sense to me." He said he could not understand the allure of such events. For the next 3 days, Singaporeans and Foreigners alike will have to bear with the noise of these loud machines and massive traffic jams into and out of the city due to traffic diversions.

Singapore Grand Prix 2010

Sunday, 26th September 2010

The Singapore Edition of F1 race started with Team Ferrari's driver Fernando Alonso, Team Red Bull's driver Sebastian Vettel, Team McLaren's driver Lewis Hamilton and followed by the rest of the 24 racers in their odd looking cars. The eventful two hours race where they speed around the Marina Bay Street Circuit 61 times in the middle of the night under bright lights, was eventually won by Fernando Alonso (2008 Winner). Lewis Hamilton, last year (2009) winner, crashed out angrily in a failed overtaking attempt.

Singapore Grand Prix 2009

Sunday, 27th September 2009

McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton won Singapore Grand Prix (SGP) Formula One at the Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore. It was a rather uneventful race with a minor accident that caused Nick Heidfeld to dropped off from the race.

Singapore Grand Prix wins FIA award

Sunday, 14th December 2008

Ong Beng Seng, the man that is instrumental in bringing the Grand Prix to Singapore, receivied the International Automobile Federation (FIA) Promoter of the Year trophy on behalf of Singapore GP, which he controls, in the aptly named Salle des Etoiles (Room of the Stars) at Monaco's Sporting Club. Singapore GP was selected for 'its magnificent effort in organising the sport's first-ever night race in September 2008. The FIA award, the most prestigious in Formula One.

Singapore Grand Prix 2008

Sunday, 28th September 2008

The Singapore Grand Prix is a Formula One race staged in the Marina Bay area of Singapore. The first race, which was also Formula One's first night race, was won by Spanish driver Fernando Alonso of the Renault F1 Team. The official name of the event is FORMULA 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix 2008. The race was co-funded by the Government of Singapore, footing 60% of the total bill, or about SGD $100 million, out of a total tab of SGD $160 million. Around 110,000 tickets sold Singapore's first Formula One night race and about  2.5 billion people watched the Singapore Grand Prix on television across the world.

Eighth Singapore Grand Prix

Sunday, 22nd April 1973

SIA (Singapore Airlines) replaces MSA (Malaysia-Singapore Airlines) as the sponsor. Singapore Airlines hosted most of the top overseas racer. The main race was won by Vern Schuppan in his March 722. Graeme Lawrence and John Macdonald came in second and third respectively. The Motorcycle GP was won by Bill Molloy in his Kawasaki 750. This was the last Grand Prix that was held in the Upper Thomson Road Street Circuit.

Seventh Singapore Grand Prix

Sunday, 2nd April 1972

The focus of the 1972 Grand Prix was on safety. The National Sports Promotion Board had available for emergencies with 60 doctors, 120 nursing personnel, 200 St John’s volunteers, 8 ambulances and a in-circuit field hospital. In addition, the race organiser invested $20,000 in closed circuit TV to monitor the race. Despite all these, the race claimed the life to Lionel Chan when his Brabham BT16 careered off the street circuit and landed at the base of a ravine. The main race was won by Max Stewart in his Mildren-England Twin Cam and the Motorcycle GP was won by Geoff Perry in his Suzuki TR750.

Sixth Singapore Grand Prix

Sunday, 11th April 1971

This is the year that cigarette advertisement was banned. This signal the end of the pervasive Rothman boards found all over the Thomson Road Street Race Circuit. However, it did not prevent Rothmans from parking their vans (plastered with advertisement) and transporter equipped facilities for circuit marshals . The event saw a phenomenal level of entries from top driver from Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan. There are over 50 entries for Motorcycle Grand Prix, 52 for Clubman Race, 48 for Saloon and Tourers Race and 34 for the main Grand Prix Race. The race was won for the third time by New Zealander, Graeme Lawrence.

Fifth Singapore Grand Prix

Sunday, 29th March 1970

The event was sponsored by Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA). MSA took the initiative to fly in top drivers from Asia-Pacific. With foreign talent was dominating the circuit, Clubman racing was introduced for the first time. The Clubman race was opened to Singapore and Malaysian racers to use their road-going cars. Miss Anne Wong, daughter of Newton Enterprises’ PH Wong, had her first racing experience in her Hillman Imp. The Clubman race saw 29 cars fighting it out with Tommy Koh in his Alfa Romeo GTV 1750 as the eventual winner. The main event was won again by Graeme Lawrence won in his V6 Ferrari Dino 246T.

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