Year 1983

Tag: Tragedy

Hotel New World collapsed

Saturday, 15th March 1986

Disbelief was shared by Singaporeans when news broke out that a hotel had collapsed in Singapore. The six-storey Hotel New World at junction of Rangoon Road and Serangoon Road had collapsed. The tragedy claimed 33 lives.

Singapore Cable Car Tragedy

Saturday, 29th January 1983

Tragedy struck when the towering structure of a Panamanian-registered oil rig struck the cable of the Sentosa Cable Car and caused two cable cars to plunge into the sea. The disaster happened shortly after 6 pm when the oil rig, which was being towed away from Keppel Wharf, became entangled in the cable and caused it to snap. It also left thirteen people trapped in four other cable cars between Mount Faber and Sentosa. This accident was the first involving death or injury since the cable car system opened in 1974. A total of seven people died in the cable car tragedy.

The Spyros disaster

Thursday, 12th October 1978

An explosion occurred in the engine room of the Greek tanker Spyros, at Jurong shipyard. The SAF was asked to assist in evacuating the victims to the hospitals. Immediately, a task force of servicemen, ambulances and RSAF helicopters was mobilised to assist in the casualty evacuation operations. Apart from ferrying the injured by ambulances, the SAF also mobilised RSAF helicopters to ferry victims in critical condition to the Singapore General Hospital. The Spyros disaster which claimed the lives of 80 people and injured many others.