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Kate & Willie Unveiled Jet Engine

Tuesday, 11th September 2012

UK Prince William and his wife Catherine, aka Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, unveiled the first plane jet engine to be produced by Rolls-Royce at its new factory in Seletar, Singapore. The royal couple introduced the Trent 900 jet which powers the Airbus A380.

The Last British Parade in Singapore

Friday, 29th October 1971

It was a spot lit farewell parade, the Last Parade, at Kangaw Barracks in Sembawang for Air Chief Marshal Sir Brian Burnett, the last British Commander-in-Chief, Far East, and his three service commanders at dusk today. It marked the end of a hectic posting for Sir Brian, who oversaw the last 17 months of the final British military rundown and the setting up of the new Anzuk Force (Australia, New Zealand and the UK). He was accompanied at the saluting dais by his three service commanders – Rear Adm J.A.R. Troup, Commander, Far East Fleet, Maj-Gen W.B. Thomas, Army Commander and Air Vice Marshal N.M. Maynard, Commander of the Far East Air Force.

RAF Lightning Jet Crashed In Sea

Tuesday, 26th May 1970

A Royal Air Force (RAF) Lightning F6 Jet of No. 74 Squadron RAF flew into the sea 50 miles north-west of Singapore along the Straits of Malacca.

SAF School of Technical Training Opened

Wednesday, 16th April 1969

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) School of Technical Training at Royal Air Force (RAF) Seletar was officially declared open. The school was setup with the help of Airwork Services Limited, a British company specialising in defence service, and the RAF. The school offers training in 11 aircrafts like the Ex-RAF Gloster Meteor PR.10 fighter.

RAF Lightning Crashed At Tengah

Thursday, 12th September 1968

A Royal Air Force (RAF) Lightning F6 caught fire and spun into ground on approach to RAF Tengah. The aircraft was part of No. 74 Squadron RAF.

RAF Hunter Crashed In Farm House

Monday, 22nd July 1968

The occupants of two farm houses in Choa Chu Kang Road had a close brush with death when an Royal Air Force (RAF) Hawker Hunter jet fighter plummeted from the sky and crashed between them. The lone pilot of the jet was picked up by a helicopter and flown to RAF Changi Hospital.

SAF Flying Training School Formed

Friday, 28th June 1968

The SAF Flying Training School was setup at Maju Camp while waiting for the British Forces to release RAF Seletar. 33 out of the 500 applicants that responded to the first recruitment drive were selected. These 33 cadets Basic Military Training at Maju Camp. Then to SAFTI for officer training. Together with 4 commissioned officer to formed the first batch of FTS pilot trainees. At FTS, they underwent air grading and further selection for Basic Flying Course at RAF Leeming UK, advanced training at RAF Valley and type-traing on Hawker Hunter at RAF Chivenor.

Britain announced withdrawal of troops

Tuesday, 16th January 1968

Mr Harold Wilson, the then Prime Minister of UK, announced the intention to withdraw all of Britain's 35,000 troops stationed in Singapore by end 1971. This shocked the nation as it was less than three years into independence from Malaysia. The situation had Mr Lee Kuan Yew saying, "If you go out too fast, I will just have to hire mercenaries rather than have a power vacuum."

Two RAF Crew Rescued Off Jurong

Thursday, 29th June 1967

The two flying officers, crew of the Royal Air Force (RAF) Hawker Hunter bomber plane, who ejected before the plane crashed into the sea about a mile off Jurong were rescued and air lifted to RAF Changi Hospital.

State of Singapore Formed

Wednesday, 3rd June 1959

The State of Singapore formed with at the same day the Crown Colony's Office of the Governor was abolished. At one minute past midnight, the Governor proclaims Singapore a self-governing state. At 8.30am, he takes office as Yang di-Pertuan Negara, or Head of State. At 8.30am, Encik Yusof bin Ishak becomes Yang di-Pertuan Negara or the Head of State of Singapore. A celebration and mass rally by Peoples' Action Party (PAP) were held in the early evening at the Padang for Singapore gaining full self-government.

National Library Stone Layed

Saturday, 15th August 1953

Mr. Lee Kong Chian, a renowned Chinese community leader and philanthropist, laid the foundation stone the National Library at Fort Canning project. Lee Kong Chian, offered S$350,000 towards the founding of the first free public library in Singapore on condition that vernacular languages were promoted and encouraged in the public arena. The British government accepted the offer and began demolishing the old St Andrew's Chapel and the British Council Hall sited at the foot of Fort Canning Hill along Stamford Road to make way for the new library.

RAF Hornet Crashed Into East Coast Road

Friday, 10th August 1951

A twin-engine RAF de Havilland DH.103 Hornet, world's fastest piston-driven aircraft, crashed on the East Coast Road after performing aerobatics over the sea south of Katong. The British pilot was killed instantly and 8 people living in a row of houses opposite the crash were injured when the aircraft's fuel tank and ammunition exploded. A three-year old girl died five hours later and a two-year old boy a day later at Singapore General Hospital (SGH) from severe burns.

Kallang River Dredge For Seaplane Usage

Wednesday, 18th December 1946

The Singapore Government started dredging Kallang River. This is to prepare Kallang Aerodrome for seaplane approach. During the next 3 months, seaplane landing will be diverted to Seletar Air Base.

Rex Cinema Opened

Sunday, 10th November 1946

Shaw Brothers' latest chain of theatres, the air-conditioned Rex Cinema showed it first picture. Located at the junction of Bukit Timah Road and Selegie Road.

RAF Replace Spitfire with Meteor Jets

Tuesday, 1st October 1946

RAF Tengah is upgraded to become the next new fighter base and it will be Southeast Asia first.

RAF Install Radar At Mount Faber

Sunday, 1st September 1946

The radar device install at Mount Faber can pick up rain clouds over 100 miles away and watches the direction and speed at which the rain clouds travels. The installation was done by RAF (Royal Air Force) Telecommunication Research Establishment.

Pan-Am Resumed Flights To Manila

Monday, 29th April 1946

Pan-American Airways (Pan-Am) resumes flight between Singapore and Manila. Flights takes-off from Changi and for seaplanes from Kallang Aerodrome.

Singapore became separate Crown Colony

Monday, 1st April 1946

Singapore became a separate Crown Colony with a civil administration headed by a Governor. Sir Franklin Charles Gimson was appointed Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Singapore from 1 April 1946 to 20 March 1952. He abolished the military government which was set up by Lord Mountbatten and reinstalled the colonial civil government.

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