Year 1966

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President Salary Increase To Over 4 Million Dollars A Year

Thursday, 10th March 2011

The President of Singapore salary, also known as the Privy Purse, is now set at SGD S$4,267,500 (USD 3.5 Million/Year) , an increase of S$890,700 from S$3,376,800 a year earlier - a 20.8% quantum jump. He also gets an entertainment allowance of S$73,000.

Nathan As Second Term President

Thursday, 1st September 2005

Sellapan Ramanathan Nathan aka SR Nathan was sworn in for a second term of office. He and 3 other people ("Tom, Dick & Harry") had submitted their application for this S$2.5 Million a year job in the Istana. A straw poll showed that nearly 80 per cent of Singaporeans hoped for a contest. But on August 13, 2005, the Committee announced that the other three applicants had been rejected as ineligible. Nathan returned unopposed on nomination day, 17 August 2005.

Ong Teng Cheong Died

Friday, 8th February 2002

Mr Ong Teng Cheong, Singapore’s fifth President and the first President to be popularly elected by the people, died. He is also the first President in Singapore not to have an artillery carriage at his funeral that was normally according to prominent statesmen in Singapore. During his term as President, he questioned his role and responsibilities. And also openly queried the national reserve in order to protect it.

President Devan Nair Resigned

Thursday, 28th March 1985

President Nair resigned in unclear circumstances. According to Government sources, Devan Nair resigned to get treatment for alcoholism. In an official event Sarawak (Malaysia), President Nair was drunk and was seen fondling the naked breasts of Dayak dancers.

President Yusof Ishak Died

Monday, 23rd November 1970

Yusof Bin Ishak, also known as Yusof Ishak, the First President of Singapore. During his term as President, Yusof Ishak was often ill, but this didn’t stopped him from assisting the people who in need of help. Yusof Ishak passed away from heart failure at the age of 60. Yusof is buried at Kranji State Cemetery.

Singapore celebrated its first National Day

Tuesday, 9th August 1966

The main event of the first Singapore National Day was a National Day parade involving 23,000 men, women and children which was held at the Padang. , At exactly 9 am was the arrival of the Republic's first President, Yusof bin Ishak and was met by Defence Minister cum Colonel of the Singapore Artillery, Dr Goh Keng Swee. Already seated the steps of the City Hall were Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, Cabinet Members, Members of Parliament and invited guests. Then the National Anthem was played with a Presidential salute, and then, escorted by Doctor Goh, the President reviewed the parade Guard of Honor. This was followed by the start of the march past. The finale brought crashing cymbals, gongs, thundering drums and a mass display of 60 lions and dragons dance. The event ended at 10.30 am.

State of Singapore Formed

Wednesday, 3rd June 1959

The State of Singapore formed with at the same day the Crown Colony's Office of the Governor was abolished. At one minute past midnight, the Governor proclaims Singapore a self-governing state. At 8.30am, he takes office as Yang di-Pertuan Negara, or Head of State. At 8.30am, Encik Yusof bin Ishak becomes Yang di-Pertuan Negara or the Head of State of Singapore. A celebration and mass rally by Peoples' Action Party (PAP) were held in the early evening at the Padang for Singapore gaining full self-government.