Year 2014

Tag: Military

King Air Aircraft Intercepted by Indonesian Jets

Tuesday, 28th October 2014

The twin-turboprop Beechcraft King Air BE9L with tail number VH-PFK (Australian registered) departed from Cebu, the Philippines, from A Singapore aircraft en route from Sibu (Sarawak) to Seletar Airport in Singapore Interception began at 7:56 a.m. when the Indonesia 1st National Air Defense Sector Command (Kosekhanudnas) at Halim Perdanakusuma Air Force Base in East Jakarta detected an aircraft without clearance in the Pontianak area.

Singapore Government May Open Up Changi Runway

Tuesday, 17th July 2012

Singapore may open the third runway at Changi Airport for civil aviation use. The runway, Changi Air Base East, is currently used by the military only. More airport terminals may be built on the 1,000-hectare piece of land in Changi.

Singapore Guards Boss Replaced

Friday, 16th March 2012

Colonel Nelson Yau, 44-year-old Chief Guards Officer, was asked to retire from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) for personal reasons. In his place former MINDEF public affairs director, Colonel Desmond Tan, 41, took over Colonel Nelson Yau. The hand over parade was held at Bedok Camp.

Goh Keng Swee Command and Staff College

Wednesday, 27th October 2010

The "Singapore Command and Staff College" will be renamed the "Goh Keng Swee Command and Staff College" in honour of the late Dr Goh Keng Swee. The College offer the Command and Staff Course which is attended by selected officers from the three services of the SAF, and International Officers from other countries. It trains, educates and prepares these officers for their roles as mid-level military leaders.

SAF Introduce BIONIX

Friday, 5th September 1997

Bionix, the first Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) manufactured by Singapore's defence industries, rolled out at the Singapore Technologies Automotive Limited (STA) at Portsdown Road this evening. This follows the announcement in Mar 97 by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence, Dr Tony Tan, that STA had won a contract to specially design and build a fleet of IFV for the SAF. The SAF will receive the first batches of the vehicle from Jan 98 onwards.

Two Killed In Howitzer Chamber Explosion

Sunday, 9th March 1997

A 155mm artillery round exploded in the barrel of a FH2000 gun howitzer on Sunday in Waiouru, New Zealand, during a live firing exercise conducted by the 23rd Battalion, Singapore Artillery. The incident resulted in the death of two full-time national servicemen, Third Sergeant Ronnie Tan Han Chong and Lance Corporal Low Yin Tit. Another 12 servicemen, including a Staff Sergeant from the New Zealand Defence Force, were injured in the incident.

SAF and MINDEF Personnel Received New IC

Monday, 7th October 1996

A new identity card (IC) has been issued to a first group of SAF and MINDEF personnel. The SAF card, the size of a credit card, will replace the paper-based military identity card, SAF 11B and the MINDEF Identification Card, SAF 13 which is used by non-uniformed and MINDEF civilians, to become the identification card for all SAF and MINDEF personnel. Military personnel including Full-time National Servicemen (NSFs), uniformed SAF regulars and Operationally Ready National Servicemen (NSmen) will be issued the green SAF Card. MINDEF civilians and non-uniformed SAF regulars without National Service liabilities will be issued the grey SAF Card.

RAAF Mirage III Crashed

Thursday, 6th July 1972

Due to an in-flight fire of a Royal Australia Air Force (RAAF) Mirage III at a location about 30 nautical miles northwest of Tengah Air Base. The Australian Flight Officer J. W. Kindler ejected from his aircraft at 5,500 ft and 350 kts with only minor injuries.

SAF Flying Training School Formed

Friday, 28th June 1968

The SAF Flying Training School was setup at Maju Camp while waiting for the British Forces to release RAF Seletar. 33 out of the 500 applicants that responded to the first recruitment drive were selected. These 33 cadets Basic Military Training at Maju Camp. Then to SAFTI for officer training. Together with 4 commissioned officer to formed the first batch of FTS pilot trainees. At FTS, they underwent air grading and further selection for Basic Flying Course at RAF Leeming UK, advanced training at RAF Valley and type-traing on Hawker Hunter at RAF Chivenor.

First National Service Call-Up

Tuesday, 21st February 1967

The first National Service, compulsory military training, call-up of 9,000 youths for the independent nation was initiated on this day the then Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew (LKY). The cream of Singapore's youths would have to serve two years in the Armed Forces on leaving school. Eligible for call-up were those whose 18th birthday fell on or after 1 January 1967.