RAF Arrived At Seletar

Wednesday, 11th January 1928

The RAF Team of the Far East Flight arrived in in a partially completed Seletar Aerodome in four Supermarine Southamption "flying boats" also known as sea-planes. The Group was led by Captain Henry Cave-Brown-Cave and Squadron Leader Gerry Livock. In 1924, Gerry made an air survey of Seletar.


The Supermarine Southampton was a 1920s British flying boat, one of the most successful flying boats during that period. Southamptons first entered RAF service in August 1925 with No. 480 (Coastal Reconnaissance) Flight at RAF Calshot. In a series of "showing the flag" flights, the type quickly became famous for long-distance formation flights; the most notable was a 43,500 km (27,000 mi) expedition in 1927 and 1928. It was carried out by four Southamptons of the Far East Flight, setting out from Felixstowe via the Mediterranean and India to Singapore.

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