New POCC @ Changi Openned

Monday, 25th July 2011

The new POCC (Port Control Operation Centre) at Changi Naval Base was officially opened. It took three years to constructed and cost nearly S$26 million. It is equipped with a brand new "state-of-the-art" Vessel Traffic Information System (VTIS).

POCC-Changi will play a crucial role in ensuring navigational safety and protection of the marine environment in Singapore's port waters and the Singapore Strait. More than 127,000 vessels, totalling 1.92 billion gross tonnes, called at the port last year, making Singapore one of the busiest ports in the world. The new VTIS at POCC-Changi is designed to handle up to 10,000 vessel tracks at any one time, twice the capacity of the old VTIS this is located at at Tanjong Pagar Complex (POCC-TPC).

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