Prostitute Murdered at Flanders Square

Saturday, 25th October 2008

At about 7.15pm, the victim, a 41-year-old Malaysian woman, stumbled out of a room on the ground floor of a three-storey building in Flander Square, a dead-end street off Petain Road in Little India, with a knife still lodged in her chest. Neighbours believe the suspect was a regular patron of the dead woman, who goes by her working name Coco. She was described as being over 1.7m tall, slim and attractive. Coco was known as an "Ang Pai" (Red Card in Hokkien) in that area which means she was one of the most popular prostitutes there - her asking rate was $50 per session and have about 20 male clients a day. More than 100 women working in the stretch of budget brothels along Flanders Square.

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