Year 2006

Plant Nuseries Along Thomson Road Flooded

Thursday, 21st December 2006

These nurseries were sited in what is regarded as the lowest lying part of the 355,220 sq ft nursery cluster. Nearest to the overflowing MacRitchie Reservoir, it bore the full brunt of flood waters last Tuesday. The nursery sells mostly wholesale flowers and garden supplies to high-end offices. The flood water was waist-deep, submerging nurseries along Thomson Road and paralysing cars, vans and lorries.

One-Eyed Dragon Admitted Shoting Nightclub Owner

Saturday, 2nd December 2006

Tan Chor Lin, nicknamed “One-Eyed Dragon” shot nightclub owner Lim Hock Soon five times in Serangoon. He was sentenced to death.

SAF To Acquire 96 Refurbished Leopard Tank

Friday, 1st December 2006

MINDEF announced the SAF's decision to acquire 96 refurbished Leopard 2A4 Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) and supporting equipment from the German Armed Forces.

Jack Neo conferred the Cultural Medallion

Friday, 20th October 2006

Jack Neo (PBM) was presented Singapore's Cultural Medallion. The Cultural Medallion is a Singapore cultural award conferred to those who have achieved artistic excellence in dance, theatre, literature, music, photography, art and film.

HDB First DBSS Flats Launched

Sunday, 1st October 2006

The Premiere with eight 17-storey blocks is the Housing Board's first privately developed flat under its Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS). There were two-, four- and five-room flats on offer at prices from $138,000 (500 sq. ft.) to $450,000 (1,200 sq. ft.) at that time. But unlike a condo, Premiere at Tampines does not have facilities such as a gym, tennis courts or a swimming pool. The project was an instant hit, with 5,914 applications pouring in over just two weeks.

RSAF Trainer Aircraft Over Ran Runway In Australia

Thursday, 28th September 2006

A RSAF SIAI-Marchetti S.211 jet trainer aircraft based in RAAF Pearce over ran the runway at RAAF Gingin.

MRT North East Line Down

Monday, 24th July 2006

Passengers on board a NEL train headed for HarbourFront MRT Station were evacuated after it stalled in the tunnel due to a loss of traction power around 12:45 p.m. The service was restored seven hours later.

ACCS Executives Jailed For Fraud

Saturday, 22nd July 2006

Victor Tan Hor Peow, founder and former chief executive of Accord Customer Care Solutions (ACCS) was sentenced to four years and three months in prison for his role in an elaborate scam to falsely boost the company's income by millions of dollars and cheat its customer, Nokia Singapore (mobile-phone manufacturer) for fictitious repair services. Tan had pleaded guilty to 21 charges for cheating Nokia, fraud and false financial reporting. The ACCS's former general manager, Damien Ang, was sentenced to three years and six months in prison for similar charges. ACCS' former financial chief, Yip Hwai Chong Yip, who was jailed four years and four months.

PAP Won 2006 General Election

Saturday, 6th May 2006

Singapore’s incumbent PAP (People’s Action Party) won the 2006 General Election. It was the 10th General Election in Singapore since independence.

TT Durai Arrested

Monday, 17th April 2006

Durai was arrested and was later out on bail.  He was charged under the Prevention of Corruptions Act by the Police. He was to stand for trial with other members of the old National Kidney Foundation Board of Directors. In the trail, he has also agreed to pay back S$4 million to the new NKF.

The Last Asian Aerospace 2006

Tuesday, 21st February 2006

The 13th Asian Aerospace (AA2006) Exhibition and final show in Singapore was held from 21 February to 24 February 2006. The show moves to Hong Kong in 2007. As the show organiser, Reed Exhibitions, could not agree with the Government of Singapore over development plans for a new 24-hectare permanent exhibition site in Changi. The highlight of the 2006 airshow was the visit and flyby of the A380 in full Singapore Airlines livery.

Mas Selamat extradited to Singapore

Friday, 3rd February 2006

Mas Selamat extradited to Singapore from Indonesia. Mas Selamat was then detained in Singapore's Whitley Road Detention Centre under the Internal Security Act without trial. Mas Selamat was arrested earlier in Indonesia on 20 January 2006 for using a fake identity card in Java, where he was visiting his son who was said to be studying at a religious school there.

Temasek Holdings Brought Shin Corp

Monday, 23rd January 2006

Shin Corporation PLC shares that was owned by Thaksin Shinawatra family sold its remaining 49.6 percent stake in the company to nominees of Temasek Holdings, the Singapore government's investment arm, for US$1.88 billion.

Honorary Citizen Award on Dr Kanai and Dr Brown

Tuesday, 17th January 2006

Dr Tsutomu Kanai, Chairman of Hitachi Ltd, Japan) and Dr Robert A Brown (President of Boston University, USA) with the Honorary Citizen Award for their valuable contributions to Singapore in the electronics and education fields. The Honorary Citizen Award is the highest form of recognition given by the Singapore Government to global talent for outstanding contributions towards the country's growth and development. It is conferred on those who have made a significant impact in the areas of business, science and technology, information communications, education, health, arts and culture, sports, tourism, community services or security. President S. R. Nathan will confer the Honorary Citizen Award on Dr Tsutomu Kanai and Dr Robert A Brown at a ceremony to be held at the Istana on 17 Jan 2006.

MRT North East Buangkok Station Opened

Sunday, 15th January 2006

At the time the MRT North East line (NEL) was opened in 2003, all of the stations were operating except Buangkok and Woodleigh. The Buangkok Station NE15 was already fully built but the Singapore Government claimed that the projected number of passengers was too low to cover operating costs. Constant public pressure, notably the "White Elephant" incident and subsequent media attention, forced the Government to review the situation.