RSAF F-15SG Detachment Inaugurated

Thursday, 19th November 2009

The Republic of Singapore air force (RSAF) held a Peace Carvin V (PC Five) inauguration ceremony at Mountain Home Air Force Base (MHAFB). Peace Carvin V is a partnership between the Republic of Singapore and the United States government for the next 25 years. In 2005, Singapore identified a need to upgrade their fleet of fighter aircraft and they negotiated with the U.S. to purchase new F-15SGs through direct commercial sales. Part of the agreement was to base them from a U.S. Air Force base, under the command and control of a U.S. fighter squadron, which is similar to other Singaporean programs in the United States of America (USA).

The detachment consist of about 250 RSAF personnel comprises Pilots, Weapons System Officers (Fighter) and ground crew. They will undergo air-to-air and air-to-ground training and development programmes to operationalise the F-15SG fighter aircraft, and set up a core group of fully qualified F-15SG air and ground crew. They will also participate in USAF exercises to hone their professional skills and enhance their combat readiness.

In September 2008 the first Singaporeans arrived and began preparing to launch the program. In May this year the United States Air Force (USAF) 428th Fighter Squadron, which is the host U.S. squadron that Peace Carvin V operates under, reactivated. The squadron began flying operations in June and started student training in July 2009. The 428th Fighter Squadron under the auspices of Peace Carvin 3 was disbanded in 2005.

Mountain Home was selected to house the training squadron following an Air Force study that began in 2005. The base was deemed the ideal location because of its extensive range complex, excellent year-round flying conditions, existing facilities and highly trained personnel.

The F-15SG is an advanced version of the F-15E Strike Eagle currently flown by two squadrons at Mountain Home AFB. For the casual observer, the F-15SG is indistinguishable from a Strike Eagle except that it will be branded with the "Merlion" insignia, which designates it as a Singaporean asset.

On top of the jet planes, the detachment has access to 40 x GBU-10 PAVEWAY II Laser Guided Bomb Units; 40 x MXU-651/B Air Foil Groups; 84 x GBU-12 PAVEWAY II Laser Guided Bomb Units; 84 x MXU-650/Bs Air Foil Groups; 124 x MAU-169L/Bs Guidance Control Units; and 3 x P5 Combat Training System Pods..

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