Singapore Airshow 2010

Tuesday, 2nd February 2010

The Singapore Airshow 2010 is a 6-day event, taking place from 2 to 7 February 2010. The first 4 days of the Singapore Airshow are exclusively for trade attendees and the final 2 weekend days are open to general public at large. Show visitors are treated to an extra 30-minute aerobatic flying display taking place at this year’s Singapore Airshow over the public weekend on 6 and 7 February. This is in addition to the 60-minute aerial display.

Singapore Airshow 2010 attached 897 companies from 36 countries, including 62 of the 100 top aerospace companies were represented. 43,459 trade attendees from 133 countries came to the show which comprises of 259 foreign government and international delegations from 80 countries, out of which 110 are foreign military delegations from 30 countries. The Singapore Airshow was covered by nearly a thousand accredited media personnel representing about 250 media outlets.

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