Searcher UAV

Friday, 23rd December 1994

The IAI Searcher Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is one of the system operated by the Tactical Air Support Command (TASC). It provides real-time airborne reconnaissance and surveillance to SAF ground commanders to survey the battlefield.

Searcher UAV
Photo Credit: Flickr.

The IAI Searcher (also known as Meyromit and Alectoris) is a reconnaissance UAV developed by y Israel Aircraft Industries of Israel.

The Searcher UAV is fitted with a small piston engine. Measuring 5 meters in length, it has a wingspan of 7.6 meters. Similar to the older UAV, the Searcher UAV has a control range of up to 100 km, and being bigger, it can carry enough fuel to fly up to 8 hours. The aircraft is made of fiberglass with composite material to reduce radar and infra-red signatures which make them more difficult to detect. The Searcher UAV utilises a Global Positioning System (GPS) for navigation, which enables it to fly accurately based on a pre-determined route. It also has many automated features, and multiple system redundancies for enhanced flight safety and reliability.

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