Year 1991

RSAF jet crashes near Coney Island

Monday, 16th September 1991

A Republic of Singapore Air Force Hawker Hunter cashed into Singapore waters near Coney Island. The pilot of the Hunter, the oldest aircraft In the RSAF's Inventory, ejected to safety before the plane go down.

RSAF F-5E Jet Crash Into Johor

Monday, 2nd September 1991

A Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) fighter aircraft both engines caught fire crashed Kampung Sungai Tekong, south of Johor, during a routine training flight. The pilot of the F-5E aicraft ejected safely. Two people on the ground suffered minor abrasions and several vehicles in a construction site were damaged.

PAP Won 1991 General Election

Saturday, 31st August 1991

Singapore’s incumbent PAP (People’s Action Party) won the 1991 General Election. It was the 7th General Election in Singapore since independence. This election oversaw the unprecedented PAP loss of four Constituencies - Hougang, Nee Soon Central, Bukit Gombak on top of Potong Pasir which the People's Action Party had failed to recover ever since it was lost in the 1984 general election.

Super Puma Crash Near Safti

Friday, 16th August 1991

A Republic of Singapore Air Force Super Puma helicopter crashed into a reservoir near the Safti training area, killing both pilots on board. A third crewman was rescued and flown to Singapore General Hospital.

Two RSAF F-16A Collided Over South China Sea

Monday, 8th July 1991

Mid-air collision between two RSAF F-16A occurred over the South China Sea. One of the F16 had a third of the right wing was sheared off and the flap bent up 90 degrees. There was also damage to the vertical and horizontal stabilizers on the right side. The other F16 crashed into South China Sea and the pilot ejected out safely.

NIE Opened

Monday, 1st July 1991

The Institute of Education (IE) and the College of Physical Education (CPE) merged to form the National Institute of Education (NIE). NIE as part of the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), new 4-year degree courses were offered to matriculated students - Bachelor of Arts with Diploma in Education and Bachelor of Science with Diploma in Education, imparted both knowledge and skills in Arts, Science or Physical Education to trainee teachers as well as pedagogy.

NTI Renamed To NTU

Monday, 1st July 1991

Nanyang Technological Institute (NTI) was renamed to Nanyang Technological University (NTU) with the absorption of the National Institute of Education (NIE). The alumni rolls of the former Nanyang University (Nantah) were transferred to NTU.

RSAF planes and men return home

Tuesday, 11th June 1991

The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) fighter detachment stationed in Clark Air Base, Philippine, has returned to Singapore. This following volcanic activity in Mount Pinatubo.

Weekend Car Scheme

Wednesday, 1st May 1991

The Weekend Car Scheme (also known as "off-peak cars" or OPC) was introduced with Cars sporting red coloured number plates. The scheme allowed the owner of a car to drive it only during specified hours, mainly on weekends. The objective of this system was to allow Singaporeans, especially the lower income groups, to own cars without contributing to traffic congestion. Car buyers who opted for this scheme were given tax rebates and a discount on their road taxes.

SQ 117 Hijacked

Tuesday, 26th March 1991

The Singapore Airlines flight SQ 117 took off from Subang Airport in Kuala Lumpur with 129 passengers and crew onboard at 1815 hrs. Four passengers who claimed to be Pakistanis took control of the plane when it was enroute to Singapore. The plane landed and parked at Changi Airport's Runway One at 2215 hrs. The hijackers claimed to be members of the Pakistan People's Party. They wanted the release of former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto's husband. The hijackers issued a five-minute deadline at 27 March 0645 hrs after which they threatened to kill one passenger every ten minutes if their demands were not acceded to. SAF Elite Commandos stormed the plane, killing four Pakistani hijackers and freeing all passengers and crew. The rescue of SQ 117 was over in just 30 seconds and ended at 0650 hrs.

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