PAP MP Embarrassed PAP

Wednesday, 12th December 2012

Michael Palmer, MP, resigned from PAP to avoid further shaming ruling Peoples' Action Party, PAP. MP is also Punggol East MP, Member of Parliament, said he was resigning to avoid "further embarrassment" to PAP for "improper relationship" with a People's Association (PA) staff member in his constituency. He is also Singapore's Speaker of Parliament. Mr. Palmer, 44-year-old lawyer, who is married with one child had an extra marital affairs with a married Government worker, Ms Laura Ong Hui Hoon. Ms Ong is a 33-years old PA's Constituency Director in Pasir Ris Office. Michael will have to forgo his million dollars a year salary as Speaker Of Parliament and his $16,000 per month allowance as Member of Parliament plus his car entitlement.

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