Prime Minister's Office Web Page Kana Hack

Thursday, 7th November 2013

Subpages on the Prime Minister's Office was hacked into late night. The hacked page showed "It's great to be Singaporean today" next to the group's trademark Guy Fawkes mask, a symbol of anti-establishment defiance worldwide. It was the work by apparent members of activist group Anonymous. PM Lee vowed to hunt down the one who attacks the state network. Recently, hackers threatened to hit out at Singapore's infrastructure if the government did not reconsider its regulations of the licensing framework for news sites.

Photo Credit: Flickr.

2014 December Update: Mohammad Azhar bin Tahir, 28, was sentenced to two months in prison on Monday for entering an unauthorized computer code into the PM Lee's webpage. The computer code which display mocking messages and pictures from international hacker group, Anonymous.

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