Shortage of Punk-Sai-Chua

Friday, 24th October 2014

Shoppers at Singapore largest chain of supermarket, NTUC FairPrice, had messy situation on their hands. Quite a number of their outlets ran out of Punk-Sai-Chua (toilet rolls). That may have caused consumer to revert back to the old ways of cleaning themselves after they finish "doing-their-business" - with running water and fingers. The supermarket erected signs in affected stores informing shoppers that there was a "temporary shortage" because of a "delivery issue". According to the company spokesperson, that there an internal delivery glitch caused several stores to receive limited and intermittent stock from its distribution centre. And they reassure consumer that the Punk-Sai-Chua (toilet rolls) will be so rolling back to the affected stores in huge quantities. And consumers can soon revert back to the modern ways of cleaning themselves with ease.

Photo Credit: Flickr.

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