End of WW2 in Singapore

Wednesday, 15th August 1945

On 15 August 1945 at 12 noon, the Japanese Forces surrendered unconditionally to the Allies bringing an end to the East Asian front of World War II. In Singapore, Japanese troops laid down their arms. The surrender comes after the atom bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagaasaki on the 6th and the 8th of August, 1945.

Google translated Chung Mun Kong Memoir:

Japanese Imperial Army surrendered the morning, the Japanese military police headquarters at Newbridge Road Chinatown seated, facing the Pearl Hill Police Headquarters radio transmitting station, right on the rooftop of the street looking at the Lufthansa Curcuma inlet connection Shimin left corner, local residents called "dragon." Dawn sky like clouds exposed scales, particularly sunny skies for the United States has long been standing beside the street or arcade next (five-foot), alignment gendarmerie mouth, waiting for the emergence of the Japanese warlords. Watch the funeral home find any devil dog face. Usually one evening, Japs shift back, in twos and threes topless, wearing baby-like cloth diapers (T-Fu) hand holding a lot of chocolate in the streets, strolled to dispatch candy to children, pedestrians based passing curious to watch, he was in front of the kids went to the command, it seems like the bow toward the Emperor, if there is neglect or error, we should be punished, attracted the children laugh. Issued back alleys to the dead of night when the lights flashing, plus alignment with the entrance in the alley gendarmerie, lighted incense and candles memorial ingot products, along with the wind, floating arrayed. Mingled with miserable moaning cries, listened to all the pores erect more so the neighbors kids scared, it is difficult to fall asleep. Scenes revealed.

Thinking, thinking, think of friends and relatives, bereaved wives and children Chung Chu heart. Hateful war, brutal Japanese warlords. Japanese Army - The crowd roared suddenly cry out devils! Devils out! ! Surrender ceremony began, really, in rows of five people holding guns, gun heads stuck a six-inch-long knife, tied under the tip side of the white towel. Under supervision by several British, wear a defeat of voices, sadly speak out on the street, turn right toward the two road Chu sent to the municipal 庁 surrender ceremony was held, when the crowd began to stir up fierce Chung Mi large ground-breaking curse: also my son's life! Also my husband - even XXX Three Character Classic, Fujian four words out through easy to read, something umbrella handle on some pilfering shoes chair easily lost in the past. There are a belated San lady, holding a basket of eggs to the crowd shouted: Please revenge for my son, come here! Egg in his hand, Come on! Come on! Then knowing the onlookers have to pick up a basket of eggs. Pop, pops, be sent to the devils who heads the smiling face she never Namida to dance, put thumb to say: Thank you. Smell? ? Everybody shouted: not fragrant, very smelly, very smelly. Mother, Well done! Well done! Mother! Hooray, Hooray! This scene, it looked sad, grief. Proverb says: "The people sitting, day in perspective." What goes around, comes around, if not reported, hour yet to come. Now the hour has come to surrender to, and it is the truth: Justice has long arms.

Chinatown tigers Aberdeen (orang nine, head of the prawn, chicken and Shanghai worms) aged 12 to 17 years, such as the Japanese warlords gone, along with the crowd suddenly burst into the second floor of the gendarmerie headquarters, extortion devils stay Bian to commodities: cigarettes, clothes, cameras, Japanese money, shoes, all kinds of spirits, lighters, canned food and other shrimp head and orang-nine two apart from anything else, rushed into the second floor of a tacit agreement Chief open lock searched two telescopes, a samurai sword set of body armor and some English notes stomach and so on. The Man load and go, guys with trembling prey back tailor shop, people watch the show to the neighbors. And to give to neighbors and friends in Japan notes.

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