Year 1942

Singapore Change To Tokyo Standard Time

Wednesday, 16th September 1942

Japanese enter Singapore in force on the morning of 16-Feb-1942. This was agreed to by both sides during the surrender negotiations. The day was the date Singapore turn it clock hand forward to Tokyo Standard Time + 9hr GMT. Singapore time moved ahead by 1 hr 30 min to conform with Tokyo Standard Time.

70 Chinese Men Shot at Changi Beach

Friday, 20th February 1942

70 Chinese men, who were suspected to be anti-Japanese were shot at Changi Beach by the Japanese "Kempeitai" Soldier.

The Straits Times Renamed To The Syonan Shimbun

Friday, 20th February 1942

The Straits Times became known as The Shonan Times and The Syonan Shimbun (abbreviated to SS) five days after the British surrender to the Japanese. The original "The Syonan Shimbun", a Japanese-owned paper during the war years in Malay, carried many propaganda articles or stories which put the Japanese in a favourable light. This article, written by a "Syonan Shimbun Staff Reporter" states that the Fuji Village which the Japanese ordered the Eurasians to create at Bahau in Negri Sembilan, is well on its way to success.

Japanese Operation Sook Ching

Wednesday, 18th February 1942

Many Chinese were ordered to assemble at various centres for screening by the occupying Japanese Imperial Army in Operation Sook Ching - A massacre that claimed about 50,000 lives. Operation Sook Ching was a systematic extermination of perceived hostile elements.

British Surrendered Singapore to the Japanese

Sunday, 15th February 1942

The Japanese forces had landed in Singapore from the north and were able to push the British back to the outskirts of the city. A vile decision to surrender was made by British Commanders at Fort Canning. On 15 Feb 42, the British surrendered. It was Chinese New Year Day in Singapore and the start of phase of darkness for the next 3 years. It was the Japanese Imperial Soldiers instead of ushering the "Year of the Horse".

Heavy Fighting in Bukit Timah

Wednesday, 11th February 1942

A fierce battle took place between the invading Japanese Imperial Army and the Allied Soldiers at the hilly and forested area of Bukit Timah.

Tengah Airfield Fell into hands of the Japanese Invaders

Monday, 9th February 1942

Tengah Airfield, also known as Tengah Air Base or Tengah Airbase, which was defended by the 44th Indian and 22nd Australian Brigades was bombed and fell into the hands of the invading Japanese Imperial Army.

Japanese Soldier began landings in the North of Singapore

Sunday, 8th February 1942

The Japanese start their assault into Singapore and began landings in the North of the Island. The British and Commonwealth forces had fought a long, hard and courageous but losing campaign in mainland Malaya.

Japanese Bombers Pounded Singapore

Sunday, 8th February 1942

Japanese Bombers begin drop bombs in populated area throughout the island. Massive damage was caused by a Japanese air assault. Many civilians were killed in these air raids.

Pulau Ubin Occupied

Saturday, 7th February 1942

Pulau Ubin was occupied by the invading Japanese Imperial Army. Pulau Ubin is an island located off the north-eastern coast of Singapore.

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