Year 1939

Cost of living bonus payout to benefit workers

Wednesday, 29th November 1939

Allowances to meet the increased cost of living due to World War II were paid out to thousands of workers in government service, the Admiralty, the Royal Air Force, the War Office and Harbour Board. The increases were as follows: those earning less than $1 a day would draw an allowance of $1 a month; those earning $1-$2 would get $1.50; and those earning more than $2 would get $2.

RAF Tengah Became Operational

Monday, 7th August 1939

The first detachment of RAF 11 Squadron was assigned to form the Royal Air Force Station Tengah. RAF Tengah is located in Tengah Airfield (now known as Tengah Air Base or Tengah Airbase). Tengah remain as RAF operational control 1971.

Supreme Court Opened

Thursday, 3rd August 1939

The Supreme Court building was declared open on 3 August 1939 by Sir Shenton Thomas and handed over to the Chief Justice, Sir Percy McElwaine, on the same day. The courthouse had 11 courtrooms and adjoining judges' chambers.