Potong Pasir Cleaned Up

Thursday, 23rd May 1963

Health Ministry officials launched a big sterilisation campaign in cholera infected Potong Pasir. Ministry workers pumped chlorine into ponds and sprayed Insecticide in the surrounding area. Singapore's first cholera victim came from the Potong Pasir kampong. The Health Ministry have since confirmed the presence of cholera germs in four of the kampong ponds.

The Government announced anti-cholera measures with "Anti-Cholera Jabs For All" to be introduced in Singapore after an emergency meeting this morning attended by the Prime Minister, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew and the Minister for Health and Law, Mr. K. M. Byrne. The Health. Ministry has described the situation as "serious", and the entire population is to be inoculated. There is plenty of vaccine in hand.

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