Year 1962

First Commonwealth Games gold medal

Monday, 26th November 1962

Singapore won its first gold medal at the Commonwealth Games (in Perth) today when mechanic Chua Phung Kim set three Commonwealth Games records to win the bantamweight weightlifting gold medal. Chua, age 21, set a new record for the Games with a total lift of 710 lb. Chua’s brilliant display made him the first Asian to win a medal at the current Games. In 1976, he contributed to the sport as a coach under the Singapore Amateur Weightlifting Federation until his death in 1990 at the age of 51.

Landslide caused islandwide black out

Wednesday, 24th October 1962

Six huge underground electric cables were damaged in a landslide in front of the old Gillman Barracks in Alexandra Road. The damage caused a five-hour blackout which affected half the island from 9 am. The landslide occurred at a spot where earth work had been going on for the past few weeks. Engineers found all the six 22,000-volt main cables smashed by the impact of the landslide.

Merger Referendum Held in Singapore

Saturday, 1st September 1962

A referendum on the terms of the merger held in Singapore showed the people's overwhelming support for the PAP's plan to go ahead with the merger. 71% of the people of Singapore are for the Merger with Malaya.

First Group Of Lawyers

Sunday, 1st July 1962

22 students from the University of Malaya in Singapore were the first locally-trained law graduates. This pioneering class included Chan Sek Keong (Chief Justice), Professor Tommy Koh (academic-diplomat) and Dr Thio Su Mien (first woman law dean in Singapore).

Bariasan Sosialis Mass Rally

Monday, 18th June 1962

Bariasan Sosialis held a Mass Rally in the Colombo Court Building. Speakers at the rally included Dr. Lee Siew Choh and Dr. Lim Hock Siew.

First Malaysia Grand Prix In Singapore

Monday, 23rd April 1962

The Singapore Grand Prix was renamed to Malaysia Grand Prix by it organiser, the Singapore Motor Club (SMC) and Singapore Ministry of Culture. The Thomson Road street circuit track was widen by a few feet and was completely resurfaced. The "new" and faster track with 14 twisty bends and competitor would have to complete 60 laps. Singapore racer, "Fatso" Yong won the race in his brand new Jaguar E-Type. L.E. Jansz, a teacher from Seremban, was second in his Jaguar E-Type. Tan Ah Bee in his Ford V8 Special came in third.