Year 1963

Post Election Gifts For Civil Servant

Thursday, 26th September 1963

Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew announced that each civil servants would get an ex-gratia payment equivalent to three times the variable allowance to them on their September 1959 salary. Those who join the civil service after 1959, will not be entitled to this benefit. The amount of approximately $3.5 million loyalty 'bonus' will be paid out for the Civil Service Employees. A statement issued by the Singapore's Ministry of Finance said: "The payment is being made in appreciation of the integrity and loyalty which they (the Civil Servant) had displayed during the past four years under the PAP Government."

Katong Park Bombed

Thursday, 26th September 1963

Two Bombs exploded around Katong Park area breaking glasses of Ambassador Hotel, which is located about 30 meters away. The first bomb exploded on midnight of 24th September and the second was on the 26th September at around 2pm. Nobody was hurt by either explosion.

PAP Wins State Election

Saturday, 21st September 1963

The PAP wins the 1963 (the first after joining the Malaysian Federation) State Elections with 37 seats, defeating the Barisan Sosialis with 13 seats and Ong Eng Guan's United People's Party with 1 seat (Hong Lim).

Singapore Legislative Assembly 4th General Election

Saturday, 21st September 1963

The fourth general election for the Legislative Assembly was a lively and closely-fought affair, with several new political parties joining the fray.

Singapore is part of Malaysia

Monday, 16th September 1963

Malaysia was formed and consisted of the Federation of Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak and North Borneo (now Sabah). Relieving Singapore of colonial rule and becoming an autonomous state within the Malaysian Federation. Brunei opted out. Indonesia and the Philippines opposed the merger. President Sukarno of Indonesia worked actively against it during the three years of Indonesian confrontation.

Malaysian Airways Limited was Established

Monday, 16th September 1963

After the Federation of Malaysia was created and Malayan Airways became known as Malaysian Airways Limited.

Singapore declares independence

Saturday, 31st August 1963

Singapore declares independence from the British.

Major Prison Disturbance

Friday, 12th July 1963

A mutiny broke out in Pulau Senang. The Superintendent and his key officers were brutally murdered by the rioters. This major incident demonstrated that safe and secure custody should never be taken for granted. Prison riots caused the deaths of four prison officers. All the 18 prisoners involved were sentenced to death.

The Malaysia Agreement

Tuesday, 9th July 1963

The Malaysia Agreement is signed between leaders of Malaya, Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak.

Potong Pasir Cleaned Up

Thursday, 23rd May 1963

Health Ministry officials launched a big sterilisation campaign in cholera infected Potong Pasir. Ministry workers pumped chlorine into ponds and sprayed Insecticide in the surrounding area. Singapore's first cholera victim came from the Potong Pasir kampong. The Health Ministry have since confirmed the presence of cholera germs in four of the kampong ponds.

Cholera Outbreak

Saturday, 18th May 1963

The first confirmed case of cholera In Singapore was officially confirmed by the Government. A Health Ministry statement said Singapore had been declared a Cholera Infected Area. The individual who reside in Potong Pasir was admitted to Middleton Hospital (CDC).

Second Malaysia Grand Prix In Singapore

Sunday, 14th April 1963

The race was held in Upper Thomson Road Street Circuit. The event was sponsored by Esso Singapore. 26-year old Police Inspector from Hong Kong, Albert Poon, won the 60 laps race. His Lotus 23 also clocked the fastest lap time of 1 minute 30.2 seconds. Second was Yong Nam Kee in his modified Jaguar E-Type. Mike Cook was third in his Cooper T45 Climax.

Television Singapura Started Transmission

Tuesday, 2nd April 1963

Television Singapura started regular transmission. Television Singapura (RTS, Radio Television Singapore) was Singapore's first television station and was launched on 15 February 1963. On the day of the first transmission, the first screen to appear was the flag of Singapore fluttered while the Singapore National Anthem was played. The first person to appear on the screen was S. Rajarathnam. In Singapore, radio transmission was started in 1923.

113 Communist Detained

Saturday, 2nd February 1963

The Internal Security Council detained 113 Communist including M. Lim Chin Siong and Dr. Lim Hock Siew. They were detained under the Internal Security Act for their involvement in Communist United Front activites. The arrested came after a massive security exercise, code name Operation Cold Store. Dr. Lim was in the top hierarchy of the PAP before they quit to throw in their lot with the breakaway group which formed the Barisan Sosialis.

Malabar Mosque Opened

Thursday, 24th January 1963

President Yusof Ishak, the Yang di-Pertuan Negara of Singapore, opened #Malabar Mosque# for Malabar Muslims from the southern state of Kerala in India. Interestingly the mosque building funds were raised by both Muslims as well as non-Muslims.

Indonesia started Confrontation

Sunday, 20th January 1963

President Sukarno of Indonesia started the policy of Confrontation to protest the formation of Malaysia which as to include Singapore.  After Malaysia was formed, there were many attacks on Singapore and other parts of Malaysia.

National Threatre of Singapore opened

Tuesday, 15th January 1963

The National Theatre of Singapore was opened in 1963 in time for the Southeast Asian Cultural Festival.  However, the Theatre last performance was to be 15 January 1984.  Where is was to be pull down due to structural issues for the building of an underground expressway.

Justice Wee Choong Jin was appointed Chief Justice

Saturday, 5th January 1963

Justice Wee Choong Jin was the first Asian to hold this appointment since 1867.