RSAF 150 Squadron Moved To France

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The RSAF A-4SU Skyhawks were shipped to southwest France at Cazaux Air Base. The RSAF 150 Squadron was re-established here for advance training of RSAF pilots. The French site was selected because of available practice bombing ranges and airspace over the North Atlantic for ACM training, as well as opportunity for electronic warfare technique practice.

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The A-4SU Skyhawk aircraft were first prepared and wrapped in Tengah Air Base. Under the supervision of a team of specialists and then towed down the streets of Singapore to Jurong Port. From there, the aircraft were moved onto a ship, and together with a maintenance crew, they embarked on an arduous 23-day sea journey to France. On arrival at Bordeaux port , the aircraft were transferred from the ship to trailers and finished the 80 km trip to Cazaux by road. Upon arriving at Cazaux Air Base, the aircraft were unwrapped, and they took to the skies of France without a hitch.

The RSAF deployed a sub-unit detachment of 10 A4-SU Super Skyhawks to Cazaux Air Base in June 1998 . And ship the additional eight aircraft will be shipped to France’s Bordeaux Port in March 1999.

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