Year 1996

SAF and MINDEF Personnel Received New IC

Monday, 7th October 1996

A new identity card (IC) has been issued to a first group of SAF and MINDEF personnel. The SAF card, the size of a credit card, will replace the paper-based military identity card, SAF 11B and the MINDEF Identification Card, SAF 13 which is used by non-uniformed and MINDEF civilians, to become the identification card for all SAF and MINDEF personnel. Military personnel including Full-time National Servicemen (NSFs), uniformed SAF regulars and Operationally Ready National Servicemen (NSmen) will be issued the green SAF Card. MINDEF civilians and non-uniformed SAF regulars without National Service liabilities will be issued the grey SAF Card.

RSAF buys 4 tanker planes from US

Monday, 2nd September 1996

The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) buy four used tanker planes for mid-air refuelling. The KC-135 plane will be used to support the RSAF's fleet of F-16 fighter aircraft in overseas training and exercises.

Malaysia Alleged Breach Of Airspace By RSAF Jets

Monday, 10th June 1996

It was reported that Johor residents had complained about excessive noise and pollution caused by low flying RSAF jets. The residents had channelled their complaints via the press to Johor's Mentri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman. This lead to the Malaysian review the use of Johor airspace by RSAF jets which found that Singapore's jets were only guilty of moral insensitivity and not illegal encroachment.

Body Parts Murderer Hanged

Friday, 19th April 1996

John Martin Scripps, age 36, became the first Westerner to be hanged in Singapore for murder and only the second for any offence. Known as the Body Parts Murder, British national John Martin killed a South African Gerard George Lowe at River View Hotel. The body was dismembered and dumped at the Singapore River.

S League Launched

Sunday, 14th April 1996

Professional football league – the S League was officially launched by then Prime Minister, Mr Goh Chok Tong at the National Stadium.

Asian Aerospace '96

Tuesday, 6th February 1996

The Eighth Asian Aerospace ‘96 (AA96) is a 6-day event, taking place from 6 February to 11 February 1999. The first 4 days of the Singapore Airshow are exclusively for trade attendees and the final 2 weekend days are open to general public at large. The 1996 exhibition, which runs from 6-11 February, will be held at Changi Airport in Singapore, at the centre of one of the fastest- growing economic regions in the world.