Charles Kingsford Smith Stopover At Seletar

Wednesday, 15th October 1930

Charles Edward Kingsford made a scheduled stopover in Singapore in his Southern Cross Junior, Avro 616 Avian IVA. Upon his arrival, he was met by RAF Squadron Leader Gerry Livock. Charles Edward Kingsford was flying from England to Australia.

Kingsford Smith became airborne in the biplane, Southern Cross Junior, from London on 9 October, 1930, reaching Darwin on 19 October after a flight of 10,000 miles in a record time of nine days, 22 hours.

Photo Credit: Flickr.

Southern Cross Junior is a modified one-off long range version of the Avro 616 Avian IVA build by Avro, a British aircraft manufacturer, with a wing span of 30 feet and additional fuel tank. The engine installed in the Southern Cross Junior, is a standard 120 hp (90 kW) Gipsy Mark II. engine, made by the de Havilland Aircraft Company.

Sir Charles Edward Kingsford Smith MC, AFC (1897~1935), often called by his nickname Smithy, was an early Australian aviator. In 1928, he earned global fame when he made the first trans-Pacific flight from the United States to Australia.

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