1946 - Chinese New Year of the Dog

Friday, 1st February 1946

This is a special celebration for Singapore - it is the first time in three years Singapore celebrated Chinese New Year without the grip of Japanese Imperial Soldiers watching over.

Google translated Chung Mun Kong Memoir:

New Year's Day, always missed his drums, drum up support for a good helper. Every day, the evening time:. "Silly, silly, silly, silly side I had a chat, I ask you to eat fruit - this is Chinatown people liked gold and leisure time, everyone around the square next to the coffee shop Mt. place or fitted with radio and near a dozen neighbors, who are punctual tigers sitting Shimin 78 Canton Street furniture store VSC listen Dasha Li storytelling: with Xue Zheng Dong, Xue Dingshan Zheng Xi, just anti-Xue Tang, magic legs Mo green Johnson - at night to the mountain top earners (Wan Mt.) orang-nine out of two corner half the money, rented a five Zhang wooden bench, I heard people talk about the story of the book: "Monk three gas Solids" hear the most intense when storyteller who suddenly changed the subject: how to know if the story, please listen next time decomposition, back to the old man's tellers stalls, help files after closing, haunted old man, fuss, worry Monk caught the flower thief or letting him escape. the old man slowly explained that afternoon, ate my sweet potato dessert will know the results of the story. restless, curious, playful, eager to learn, was the point of adolescent Chinatown on Saturday, Bing teacher to Xiqiao learning philosophy of life, and so on to the next tellers astronomy to geography. nothing is asked, talk about anything. It can be said that the old man's favorite disciples.

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