Year 1946

Kallang River Dredge For Seaplane Usage

Wednesday, 18th December 1946

The Singapore Government started dredging Kallang River. This is to prepare Kallang Aerodrome for seaplane approach. During the next 3 months, seaplane landing will be diverted to Seletar Air Base.

Rex Cinema Opened

Sunday, 10th November 1946

Shaw Brothers' latest chain of theatres, the air-conditioned Rex Cinema showed it first picture. Located at the junction of Bukit Timah Road and Selegie Road.

RAF Replace Spitfire with Meteor Jets

Tuesday, 1st October 1946

RAF Tengah is upgraded to become the next new fighter base and it will be Southeast Asia first.

RAF Install Radar At Mount Faber

Sunday, 1st September 1946

The radar device install at Mount Faber can pick up rain clouds over 100 miles away and watches the direction and speed at which the rain clouds travels. The installation was done by RAF (Royal Air Force) Telecommunication Research Establishment.

Pan-Am Resumed Flights To Manila

Monday, 29th April 1946

Pan-American Airways (Pan-Am) resumes flight between Singapore and Manila. Flights takes-off from Changi and for seaplanes from Kallang Aerodrome.

Singapore became separate Crown Colony

Monday, 1st April 1946

Singapore became a separate Crown Colony with a civil administration headed by a Governor. Sir Franklin Charles Gimson was appointed Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Singapore from 1 April 1946 to 20 March 1952. He abolished the military government which was set up by Lord Mountbatten and reinstalled the colonial civil government.

The Straits Settlements dissolved

Sunday, 31st March 1946

Singapore was temporarily administered by the British Military Administration from 12 September 1945 to 31 March 1946. The British Military Administration proclaimed that all Japanese Proclamations and Decrees ceased to have effect, and that "all laws and customs existing immediately prior to the Japanese occupation will be respected". The British Military Administration came to an end and the Straits Settlements were disbanded.

1946 - Chinese New Year of the Dog

Friday, 1st February 1946

This is a special celebration for Singapore - it is the first time in three years Singapore celebrated Chinese New Year without the grip of Japanese Imperial Soldiers watching over.

Lim Bo Seng was given full Military Honours

Sunday, 13th January 1946

The Late Lim Bo Seng, the leader of the Force 136 Chinese Agents, was posthumously given full mililtary honours at a ceremony in front of City Hall, then call the Municipal Building, to commemorate his contribution to the anti-Japanese resistance.