Minster of State for Environment Jailed

Wednesday, 15th September 1976

Wee Toon Boon, then Minster of State for Environment, was jailed 18 months for corruption involving $839,023 in April 1975. Wee was involved with a developer Lauw Tjin Ho, then Chairman of Lauw & Sons Pte Ltd (UEN:197000860E). He used his ministerial status to make representation to civil servants on behalf of Lauw. In return, he was rewarded with a bunglow, worth $532,000, galvanised roofing for his home worth $3,500, and free air tickets for him and his family to Indonesia.

He was convicted and sentenced to 18 months' imprisonment and ordered to pay a penalty of $7,023. His political days are over as he was fired from his ministerial post and thrown out of the parliament forever.

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