Year 1975

SBS introduces first batch of women ticket inspectors

Thursday, 16th October 1975

SBS (Singapore Bus Services) took another step to enhance its image. Five women ticket inspectors also known as conductresses were promoted to ticket inspectors based on their work performances. They started their ticket checking rounds on various SBS services. One of them was a Nanyang University (NTU) graduate in Chinese Studies. In the years that ensued, female bus captains (drivers) also became a routine part of the SBS frontline work force.

Second Local Commander Of Fighter Squadron

Wednesday, 1st October 1975

Major Gary Teo became the second local commander of Fighter Squadron and the first local commander of the A-4 Skyhawk, RSAF 142 Squadron Squadron. Major Teo was a member of the first batch of Singapore jet pilots. Update: 142 Squadron was eventually disbanded in 2004. At the time of disbandment, the squadron had 18 T/A-4SU Super Skyhawks (Fighter-bomber) in service.

RSAF Plane Crashed In Johor

Friday, 13th June 1975

A Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) Staikemaster Jet Plane crashed near Tenang, near Labis, Johore, while on a navigation exercise. Two pilots in the plane were killed in the accident. The pilots, 2nd LT William Ong Tiong Huat and 2nd LT Edmund Piper were trapped in the aircraft as it burst into flames on hitting the ground.

RSAF Skyhawk Jet Plunged Into Changi Creek

Thursday, 24th April 1975

A Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) Skyhawk jet plunged into the Chanji Creek soon after take-off from the Chanel airbase. A Ministry of Defence statement said the pilot, LTA Chong Khal Hoong, ejected safely from the aircraft while flying at low level.

SADC Renamed To RSAF

Tuesday, 1st April 1975

The Singapore Air Defence Command (SADC) was renamed the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF). SADC was established in September 1968.

Trainee Pilot Killed in Jet Crash

Friday, 7th March 1975

LT. Choa Swee Boon, a trainee pilot of the Singapore Air Defence Command (RSAF), was killed when his Hunter Jet crashed on an open ground, north of Tengah air base, at 1 p.m. yesterday. The trainee pilot was being converted to fly the Hunter Jet.

Second Skyhawk Fighter Squadron Formed

Saturday, 15th February 1975

The second Singapore Skyhawk Fighter Squadron, 143 Squadron, was formed on this day. Squadron 143 is the fourth fighter squadron formed in Singapore. Known as the "Phoenix" Squadron which consist of 9 A-4 Skyhawk and 13 pilots commanded by Major Fu Chun Hsien was formed to house the remaining Skyhawks from return from US. The 143 was base in (old) Changi Air Base. Update: 143 Squadron was relocated to Tengah Air Base in December 1975. They were the first to operate the modified A-4 Super Skyhawk in the late 1980's. From 2003, it was converted to F-16C/D Fighting Falcons.

Two SADC Jets Collided

Friday, 24th January 1975

Two Hawker Hunter Jets of Singapore Air Defence Command (SADC/RSAF) collided on Thursday while on a routine training flight. The pilots are safe. The crash occurred while flying over the South China Sea area. One pilot ejected and the other pilot managed to bring the aircraft back to the Air Base.

RSS Sea Wolf were commissioned

Wednesday, 22nd January 1975

Deputy Prime Minister Goh Keng Swee (also Minister of Defense) offically commissioned the ships RSS Sea Wolf, RSS Sea Dragon and RSS Sea Lion at the Palau Brani Naval Base.

First Local Commander Of Fighter Squadron

Wednesday, 1st January 1975

Capt. Michael Teo Eng Cheong, 27, was named Squadron commander of the Singapore Armed Forces No. 140 Squadron. Captain Teo has been appointed the first local Squadron Commander of a fully operational Hunter Squadron and will be leading an all Singaporean Team. Capt. Teo, who was among the first batch of fighter pilots to join the air force.