Year 1974

SAF Display At Changi Air Base

Friday, 7th June 1974

The SAF Black Knights Aerobatic Team, in four Hawker Hunter jets, stagged a nice performance and amazed the crowd.The team comprises of Capt. Timonthy de Souza, Lieut. Jimmy Lim, Lieut. Frank Singam and Lieut Harry Lim. Minister of Defense, Dr Goh Keng Swee, was the guest of the event.

Price tags for 15 essential items

Thursday, 23rd May 1974

The Department of Trade introduced price-tagging for 15 essential items in an effort to stamp out profiteering and stablise prices. It announced that it would publish the Price Control (Display of Prices) Order listing commodities which includes rice, sugar and milk must be tagged.

Sentosa Cable Car Opened

Friday, 15th February 1974

The Sentosa Cable Car provides an aerial link from Mount Faber on the main island of Singapore to the resort island of Sentosa across the Keppel Harbour. It was the first aerial ropeway system in the world to span a harbour.

Skyhawk Fighter Squadron Formed

Friday, 1st February 1974

The first Singapore Skyhawk Fighter Squadron, 142 Squadron, was formed on this day. The A-4 Skyhawk was designed and manufactured by McDonnell Douglas. Skyhawks were primarily a ground attack bomber. Its design and versatility in roles made it a popular choice for many air forces around the world. Squadron 142 is the third fighter squadron formed in Singapore, after Squadron 140 and Squadron 141. Update: 142 Squadron was disbanded in Nov 2005.

The Laju Hijacking

Thursday, 31st January 1974

The Shell Oil Refinery located on Pulau Bukom Besar, (an island lying south of Singapore) was attacked by four terrorists who were armed with submachine guns and explosives. The group comprised two Japanese from the Japanese Red Army (JRA) or 'Sekigun' and two Arabs from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). The bloop attack on the refinery forces them to hijack the "Laju", a Ferry Boat, with five crew members as hostages. The terrorists started their bargaining. The terrorists agreed to release the crew of the ‘Laju’ in exchange for a party of 'Guarantors' . The team was led by Mr S.R. Nathan, then MINDEF’s Director of Security & Intelligence (now President of Singapore). The 12-men-team was made up of four SAF Commandos and eight other government officials. On 7 Feb 1974, arrangements were made to transfer the terrorists by boat from "Laju" to the Marine Police Headquarters and then by minibus to the airport. On 8 February 1974 at 0125 hours, the four

Opening of Pulau Brani Naval Base

Saturday, 26th January 1974

Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew declared open the Singapore Maritime Command Naval Base on Pulau Brani. Singapore Maritime Command was-later renamed the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN). RSS Laburnum, RSS Panglima and RSS Bedok came under SNVF's charge and the prefix RSS (Republic of Singapore Ship) was also used for the first time.

Pilot Rescued By A Fisherman

Wednesday, 9th January 1974

A Singapore Air Defence Command SADC/RSAF pilot, LT Micheal Teo, was rescued by a fisherman after he ejected from his aircraft. The Strikemaster had crashed into the sea off Changi Air Base.