Polytechnic Students Can Fly

Sunday, 29th January 2012

Temasek Polytechnic has tied up with the Singapore Youth Flying Club (SYFC) to offer flying lessons to students. The scheme will allowed 30 of 150 students currently taking the Aviation Management & Services course an opportunity to to fly the Diamond Trainer and to obtain a PPL (Private Pilot License). Assessment criteria for will be stringent - first is pass the psychometric test (also known as compass test) held by the Republic of Singapore Air Force, then an interview with the selection board at SYFC and then must pass a full medical test at ST Aeromedical Centre.

The six-month flying programme leads to a Private Pilot Licence (PPL), which is a basic licence for amateurs. To become a full-fledged commercial pilot, amateurs need to earn at least two more licences. Not everyone who has obtained the PPL ends up becoming a pilot, but it is a good start. The polytechnic hopes this partnership can eventually help to ease manpower needs in the expanding aviation industry.

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