The Eight New Aircraft Arrived At Seletar

Thursday, 1st May 1969

The eight new aircraft arrived at Seletar in huge wooden crate stencilled with the name of the aircraft maker and the words, "Airplane inside - Use no hooks". And locally trained SADC technicians had to assemble the aircraft. Such was the awe and excitement inspired by the arrival of the new fleet of Cessna 172K (also known as T-41 Mescalero, Military harden version). The SADC (later the RSAF) was established at Seletar Airbase in September 1968, with the setting up of the Flying Training School (FTS) utilising three Cessna 172G/H on loan from the Singapore Flying Club. These eight new Cessna 172K takes over the duty for more selected trainees to participate in the basic flight-training course.

The Cessna 172K was the 1969 "K" model. The 172K had a redesigned vertical fin cap and reshaped rear windows. Optional long range 52 US gal (197 l) wing fuel tanks were offered. The rear windows were slightly enlarged by 16 square inches (103 cm2). The 1969 model sold for USD $12,500.

Photo Credit: Flickr.

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