Year 1966

Malaysia-Singapore Airlines Formed

Saturday, 31st December 1966

Malaysia-Singapore Airlines or MSA. formerly Malaysian Airways was formed.

Ex-British Airman Recover POSB Deposit

Thursday, 15th December 1966

Mr. W.J. Luscombe of Bedfordshire, UK, wrote to Singapore Postmaster asking if his Post Office Savings Bank account could be trace. He was an Airman in the Royal Air Force at Tengah, but when the Japanese invaded Singapore in 1942, he was evacuated and left his belongs behind including his saving book.

Japan Made To Pay $50 million In War Reparations

Tuesday, 25th October 1966

The Government of Singapore made a request to Japan for reparations and an apology. On 25 October 1966, Japan agreed to pay $50 million in compensation, half of which as a grant and the other half as a loan. Japan did not make an official apology.

Singapore celebrated its first National Day

Tuesday, 9th August 1966

The main event of the first Singapore National Day was a National Day parade involving 23,000 men, women and children which was held at the Padang. , At exactly 9 am was the arrival of the Republic's first President, Yusof bin Ishak and was met by Defence Minister cum Colonel of the Singapore Artillery, Dr Goh Keng Swee. Already seated the steps of the City Hall were Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, Cabinet Members, Members of Parliament and invited guests. Then the National Anthem was played with a Presidential salute, and then, escorted by Doctor Goh, the President reviewed the parade Guard of Honor. This was followed by the start of the march past. The finale brought crashing cymbals, gongs, thundering drums and a mass display of 60 lions and dragons dance. The event ended at 10.30 am.

Merdeka Bridge Widen To 7-lane Highway

Friday, 5th August 1966

Work has begun on a $1.5 million project to widen the half-mile long Merdeka Bridge by about 40 feet to ease the growing traffic congestion along the bridge. Three more traffic lanes are to be added to the present four lanes on. The two "Merdeka Lions" were relocated to Stadium Walk near the entrance of Kallang Park.

POSB Transfer To Singapore Control

Friday, 8th July 1966

On 8 July 1966, the Singapore Post Office Savings Bank ceased to be under the control of the Postmaster-General, State of Malaya and transferred to Singapore Postmaster-General.

SAFTI offical opening

Saturday, 18th June 1966

SAFTI, the MI, the Singapore Armed Forces Training Institute was officially opened by then Minister of Defence, Dr Goh Keng Swee. SAFTI was established on 14 February 1966. It was the first military training institute to be established by the government to train officers and non-commissioned officers (NCOs) to lead the then embryonic SAF. It is the pioneer training institute of the SAF.

First Singapore Grand Prix

Monday, 11th April 1966

This is the second time the event was named “First Singapore Grand Prix”. The first time was in 1961. According to Singapore’s Minister for Social Affairs, Encik Othman Wok, "this is the first Grand Prix we are organising as an independent country." The Upper Thomson Road Street Circuit had been completely re-surfaced with a new layer of tarmac. Also the prize kitty was increased to $30,000. The race also attracted some high-profile racers from Australia and Hong Kong. The main event was won by Lee Han Seng in his Lotus 22 Ford.

Singapore ISD was established

Thursday, 17th February 1966

The ISD (Internal Security Department), a Singapore Government Department, was established to maintain security and stability within Singapore.