Year 1969

Most Of Singapore Flooded

Wednesday, 10th December 1969

A monster flood that affected much of the island because of 12 inches (300 millimetres) of rain fell in a 24 hour period leaving many parts of Singapore submerged up to chest levels, with waters in the worst hit areas rising over 2 metres, in the worst flooding in some 35 years. Some 3000 people were left homeless as a result and five people were killed. Potong Pasir was one of the worst hit areas with the attap and zinc roofs of houses were visible with the rest submersed under water. Vegetable farms were destroyed and much of the livestock kept in the pig and poultry farms, drowned.

Three BAC 167 Strikemasters Mk 84 Flew In

Saturday, 18th October 1969

Three brand new BAC Strikemasters Mk 84 flew in to Tengah Air Base. The are the first batch of the 16 aircraft purchased second hand from the Royal Air Force (RAF) of Britian. These 16 aircraft will be used for Pilot training at SAF Flying Training School (FTS). These planes was eventually used to form RSAF 130 Squadron.

First Batch Of Fighter Pilot

Wednesday, 15th October 1969

The first batch of four fighter pilot return home from UK. They have gone through a tough and demanding course in UK. It started when 6 training pilots were made to go through their basic flying course in RAF Leeming, then advanced flying training at RAF Valley (in Holyhead, Gwynedd , Isle Of Anglesey, United Kingdom) and finally to type-training on the Hawker Hunter at RAF Chivenor. Only 4 managed to complete the course - 2LT Gary Yeo, 2LT John Norfor, 2LT Timothy De Souza and OCT Hoe Kim Bock - graduated and received their "wings".

First Helicopter Squadron Formed

Wednesday, 1st October 1969

The Alouette Squadron (now known as 120 squadron) was formed. The helicopter squadron was located at the Royal Air Force (RAF) Seletar Airfield and came under the command of the Flying Training School.

First Helicopter Squadron Formed

Tuesday, 30th September 1969

SADC (RSAF) 120 Squadron was formed. It is based in Seletar Air Base.

Princess Alexandra Visited Singapore

Wednesday, 6th August 1969

Exactly 150 years after Stamford Raffles of the British Empire founded Singapore, another another lesser known, Princess Alexandra, cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, flew into the city as the Queen’s special envoy for the 150th anniversary celebrations for the founding of modern Singapore. Waiting on the tarmac to greet her were Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew; the British High Commissioner, Sir Arthur de la Mare; and their wives. At the reception committee for the Princess, the attendees included the who’s who of Singapore; the Chief Justice, cabinet ministers, MPs, statutory board heads, as well as Commonwealth leaders. Hordes of local islanders could only watch the pomp and pageantry from outside the fence-up compound.

The Flying Training School Inaugurated

Friday, 1st August 1969

Minister for the Interior and Defence, Lim Kim San, inaugurated the Flying Training School (FTS) at Tengah Air Base (then known as RAF Tengah). The inauguration of FTS brought SADC (RSAF) closer to its goal of fulfilling the heavy responsibility of defending Singapore's airspace. The school uses BAC Strikemasters (No. 130 Squadron) for advance phase flying training, meant that jet fighter pilot trainees are able to earn their wings in Singapore instead of overseas. The basic phase flying using Cessna, propeller driven aircraft, is at conducted at Seletar.

Man On The Moon Radio Broadcast

Monday, 21st July 1969

Singapore radio listeners was able to hear Radio Malaysia's English service relay of BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) live broadcast of mans first landing on the moon from 1:39pm to 1:58pm (Singapore Time). Apollo 11 Lunar Module "Eagle" landed on the Moon surface at 3:49 am (Singapore Time). At 1:48pm (Singapore Time), the mission commander stepped out of the craft to walk on the surface of the moon. As Neil Armstrong climb out of his Lunar Module, he said in his scripted line "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."  When on the moon surface he went on, "Yes, the surface is fine and powdery. I can kick it up loosely with my toe."

First Singapore Armed Forces Day

Tuesday, 1st July 1969

The first Singapore Armed Forces Day (SAF Day) saw a 1,500-strong contingent of servicemen and women in a grand parade finale and march past at Jalan Besar Stadium. In a day filled with muster parades, open houses and pledges of loyalty, the most solemn moment was the presentation of the SAF Flag for the first time to the 3rd Battalion, Singapore Infantry Regiment (3 SIR) by the then Minister for Interior and Defence, Mr Lim Kim San.

Ethnic riots in Singapore

Tuesday, 13th May 1969

Ethnic riots break out in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and later spill over to Singapore. This is also known as the "Seven-Day Racial Riots" between 31 May 1969 to 6 June 1969. Rumours began to spread here from KL that the Singaporean Malays, a minority in Singapore, would be subjected to revenge after Malaysian Chinese were unfairly treated by the Malaysian government. Chinese secret societies began plans to attack the Malay-majority Jalan Ubi and Jalan Kayu. The Malay triads retaliated by burning Chinese shophouses in Geylang. The Internal Security Department (ISD) of Singapore worked with the police to quash all conflicts, but the seven-day riots still caused at least four deaths and 80 injuries. The mounting tensions between the two races continued for another couple of years, but the government made efforts to ensure such high level of violence would not happen again.

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