Year 1965

Yusof bin Ishak is Mr. President

Wednesday, 22nd December 1965

Constitutional Amendment Act is passed and Yusof bin Ishak becomes the first President of Singapore.

Singapore Parliament Sitting

Wednesday, 8th December 1965

The first sitting of Parliament was held on 8 December 1965.

Police smash march on City Hall

Wednesday, 24th November 1965

Police today arrested 32 men in swift action, including the use of tear gas, to foil attempts by about 200 members and supporters of proscribed and other Chinese old boys’ associations to demonstrate outside City Hall. The associations had been accused by the Government of indulging in pro-communist activities. Eleven student bodies were dissolved.

PM opens Union House

Friday, 15th October 1965

The Trade Union House was opened this evening in Shenton Way. The location of the union house on such a prime piece of land was in recognition of the important role played by the trade unions in nation building. The opening ceremony was performed by Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew – himself fulfilling an election pledge in 1959 – before his party swept to power with massive union support. Tributes were paid to the Secretary General of NTUC Devan Nair by unionists and Mr Lee.

Singapore in Commonwealth

Friday, 15th October 1965

Singapore becomes the 22nd member of the Commonwealth.

Singapore in UN

Tuesday, 21st September 1965

Singapore is admitted into the United Nations as the 117th member.

Singapore separates from Malaysia

Monday, 9th August 1965

For Singapore, 9 August 1965 was no ceremonial occasion. The Malaysian Parliament votes, 2 days ago on 7 August 1965, to expel Singapore from the Federation; Singapore becomes independent after separating from Malaysia. One of the more poignant moments which many Singaporeans, this is the time Mr Lee Kuan Yew cried on Television during a meet the press session on the separation of Singapore from Malaysia. His speech included this quote: "For me, it is a moment of anguish. All my life, my whole adult life, I have believed in merger and unity of the two territories."

Singapore and Malaysia Separation Agreement

Saturday, 7th August 1965

Singapore and Malaysia sign the separation agreement.

POSB Raised Saving Accounts Interest To 3%

Sunday, 1st August 1965

Singapore's Post Office Savings Bank raised the interest paid to depositor from 2.5% back to 3% a year.

Sunny Ang murdered Girl Friend

Tuesday, 18th May 1965

Singapore Grand Prix driver Sunny Ang was sentenced to death in the High Court for the murder at sea of bar girl Jenny Cheok Cheng Kid. The case was the first murder trial in local legal history in which a person was convicted solely on circumstantial evidence. Ang took Cheok scuba diving off Sisters Island. He told police Cheok's lifeline snapped; her body was never found. Ang had taken substantial insurance on Cheok three hours before the trip and he made his claims within 24 hours after her death.

Fourth Malaysia Grand Prix In Singapore

Monday, 12th April 1965

Only two overseas participant turned up for the race - Albert Poon and Steve Holland, both from Hong Kong. The race was won by Albert Poon in a Lotus 23 and Steve Holland came in second. Tony Goodwin took the third price in his Lola Formula Junior.

The Battle Of Kota Tinggi

Sunday, 4th April 1965

Men of the Singapore Infantry Regiment killed seven Indonesians and captured one in a 20-minute battle in Kota Tinggi. This is in retaliation to an ambush mounted by the Indonesians infiltrators.

MacDonald House bombed

Wednesday, 10th March 1965

MacDonald House (formerly also known as Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Building) bombing by Indonesian saboteurs killed 3 people, during the konfrontasi period (between Indonesia and Malaysia). Singapore became the target of multiple terror attack. Then Indonesian president Sukarno was openly opposed to the merging of Malaya, Singapore, Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei, and ordered armed attacks in East Malaysia, incited revolts in Brunei and carried out sabotage activities in West Malaysia and Singapore. Two HSBC Bank employees were killed and 33 injured.

2nd SIR caught in ambush

Sunday, 28th February 1965

During the Indonesian Confrontation in November 1964, Indonesian infiltrators were reported to have landed on the south eastern coast of Johore. Second Singapore Infantry Regiment (2 SIR) were on patrol in and around the Kota Tinggi area. Unfortunately, the infiltrators ambushed a 25-man platoon. The Indonesian infiltrators killed eight and wounded five.

Indonesian Sabouteur Sentence To Death

Monday, 8th February 1965

Twenty-three year old Indonesian Sabouter, Mr. Lemanit Ahmad, was sentence to death for causing a bomb to exploded in RAF Changi base in 1964. The Federal Court of Malaysia gave the reason for the death sentence was that leniency would be construed by the enemies (Indonesia) as a sign of weakness.

Orchard Cinema Opened

Wednesday, 6th January 1965

Cathay Organisation completed a six million dollars entertainment centre that comprises of the Orchard Cinema and Jackie's Bowl ob Grange Road. It was the largest cinema build in South-east Asia.