Year 1911

First Airplane In Singapore

Thursday, 16th March 1911

The British-made Bristol Boxkite biplane was the first plane that took flight in Singapore on 16 March 1911, piloted by Mr. Joseph Christiaens. Interestingly, the plane arrived not by air, but in crates by sea, together with the pilot. It was then assembled by a squad of Royal Engineers. An airstrip or landing area had to be created for three days of demonstration flights at the Singapore Turf Club Race Course at Farrer Park. It was capable of just over 300km of flight. Passengers, one at a time, paid $50 each for the privilege of flying.

Kwong Wai Shiu Land Leased For $1 A Year

Wednesday, 22nd February 1911

A 6ha of land in Serangoon Road was leased to Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital for A Dollar A Year from the British Colonial Office. Three Clan Leaders raised about $150,000 to build a hospital to provide medical care for their clansman.