Year 1956

Chinese Middle Schools Riots

Wednesday, 24th October 1956

The students camped at Chung Cheng High School and Chinese High School. They organised meetings and held demonstrations. This went on for about two weeks. The government issued an ultimatum that the schools be vacated. As the deadline approached, rioting started at the Chinese High School. The riots spread to other parts of the island. They lasted five days. 13 people were killed and more than 100 were injured. Hundreds of people were arrested, including Lim Chin Siong.

Merdeka Bridge Opened

Friday, 17th August 1956

Nicoll Highway and its linking Merdeka Bridge, located in the Central Region of Singapore, were declared open by Chief Minister Lim Yew Hock, amid much ceremony on 17 August, 1956. Nicoll Highway was named after former Governor of Singapore Sir John Nicoll.

Lim Yew Hock swore in as Chief Minister

Saturday, 7th July 1956

Lim Yew Hock became Chief Minister of Singapore till 3 June 1959.

David Marshall Resigned as Chief Minister

Monday, 18th June 1956

David Saul Marshall resigned and stepped down from the post of Chief Minister. This is after failing to obtain self-government for Singapore from Britian.

Independent Talk Fell Apart

Wednesday, 16th May 1956

The British Government could not accept the terms, which is the "chairmanship of the defence council." Britain insisted on nominating the holder. Mr. Marshall disagree. And the British Team decided to end the talk. Merdeka? It's all over! The final communique was drawn up and released. The British Team led by Mr Lennox Boyd then meet the press and read his statement. Later the Singapore Team meet the press and it was that moment that Mr. David Marshall announce his resignation.

Independent Talk Begins In London

Tuesday, 1st May 1956

The Singapore Team was lead by Singapore's Chief Minister Mr. David Marshall. The British Team was lead by Britain's Secretary of State for the Colonies Mr. Alan Lennox-Boyd. Mr Marshall have told many people in the Singapore Camp that if necessary he would sign an agreement with Britain himself even if there are opposition from other parties. This statement angered many in the Singapore Camp.

Self-Rule Delegation Arrived In London

Monday, 23rd April 1956

First round of 'Merdeka' Talks starts, with Mr. David Marshall leading a 12-men all-party delegation which include opposition party leader, Mr. Lee Kwan Yew, to London to demand internal self-government of Singapore by 1957.

Lee Kuan Yew - English Not For My Son

Friday, 13th April 1956

Mr. Lee Kuan Yew was determined that his four-year-old son, Lee Hsien Loong, is not going to be English-educated, like himself. Lee, who is a graduate of Cambridge University said "He is not going to an English school. He will not be a model Englishmen. He is going to go back and be a part of Asia and a part of Malaya." Mr. Lee attacked what he termed "the over-emphasis of English education."

Johore Jungle Strike

Saturday, 25th February 1956

Australian Bomber Squadron based in Tengah Air Base rained 33 tons of bombs into a communist jungle hideout in Kluang, Southern Johore, killing 13 terrorist including their leader Goh Peng Tuan. The bombing also sends the terrorist bands on the run, scattered them into the arms of waiting patrols.