Year 1953

43,500 voters go the polls

Saturday, 5th December 1953

About 43,500 voters went to the polls today to choose five men out of 13 to represent them in the City Council. At least 300 clerks were on duty at 50 polling stations throughout the city and policemen were on standby although no trouble was expected. Six thousand and seven hundred people in the City ward did not get to vote as J.M. Jumabhoy (Independent) was the only one nominated for the ward.

Rendel Commission Established

Sunday, 1st November 1953

A Constitutional Commission under Sir George Rendel was established. The Rendel Commission recommended a new constitution with automatic voter registration, and a mainly elected Legislative Assembly of 32 members. This Constitution came into effect in 1955. The Rendel Commission thus paved the way to April 1955 elections.

National Library Stone Layed

Saturday, 15th August 1953

Mr. Lee Kong Chian, a renowned Chinese community leader and philanthropist, laid the foundation stone the National Library at Fort Canning project. Lee Kong Chian, offered S$350,000 towards the founding of the first free public library in Singapore on condition that vernacular languages were promoted and encouraged in the public arena. The British government accepted the offer and began demolishing the old St Andrew's Chapel and the British Council Hall sited at the foot of Fort Canning Hill along Stamford Road to make way for the new library.

Sir George Rendel to review the constitution

Wednesday, 1st July 1953

The British Government appointed Sir George Rendel to review the constitution. The object is to make recommendations for Singapore's self-government.